Exclusive: Metro Atlanta mother banned from local church


At the Hair Bar Salon in Woodstock, there is plenty of love to go around. Owner Krystal Cox has been a stylist for nearly two decades, and while coworkers and clients love her, she hasn’t received the same treatment lately from her church family.

The Woodstock Church of Christ recently sent her a letter when they learned she had divorced her husband and began dating another woman. 

“It feels terrible that they won’t let anyone come and worship,” Cox said.

Church elders informed her in writing of their opposition to her homosexual relationship. They told her to repent by April 30th or they would remove her as a member and inform the congregation they would no longer treat her as a sister in Christ.

“Well when I opened it, I was kind of enraged. Like, why am I getting picked on and getting called out when everyone has sin?” Cox asked. 

“The fact that they’re going to point it out and release my personal business to the entire congregation of the church and tell them that I can no longer come there I just don’t feel like that’s right,” Cox said.

Cox has decided not to return to the church. So, CBS46 dropped by but no one was there; and the elders did not respond to our requests for an interview.

“I feel like it’s not wrong. I look at my relationship and how much love I have with her and think, how can people think this is so wrong?” Cox asked.

“I just really don’t want anything bad to come out of this. Like I want it to be good. I don’t want people to be saying ugly things to them and sending them ugly stuff. I just don’t want that, that was not my intent,” Cox said.

It's important to point out that CBS46 contacted four elders of the church named in the letter sent to Cox and none of them have responded.

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