Black Rapper Cut From White Freaknik, aka CPAC, for Anti-Semitic Tweets


Young Pharaoh
Young Pharaoh
Screenshot: YouTube

What happens when a hotep goes so far off the deep end that his third eye opens so wide that he blinds himself? Well, that person can no longer speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

A man who calls himself “Young Pharaoh” and who surely owns a vast array of “made in China” African jewelry, has been uninvited as a speaker at the Mayonnaise Masons event in Orlando, Fla., (because they allow for large gatherings without masks) for making anti-Semitic remarks, including arguing that there is “no historical evidence” that Judaism exists, while also arguing that Jews are “thieves”–I know what you are thinking and don’t even try to make sense of this.

If all you know about Young Pharaoh is that he’s the son of Old Pharaoh, I don’t blame you, but according to tweets about the Adolescent Anti-Semite he also believes in the teachings of QAnon, the bogusly stupid Pizzagate, and some shit called “Frazzledrip”—which involves Hillary Clinton killing someone. Yes, you can read about it here, but just know that it’s so fucking stupid I couldn’t even bring myself to try and explain it.

Oh and he’s a rapper. Of course he is.

“We have just learned that someone we invited to CPAC has expressed reprehensible views that have no home with our conference or our organization,” CPAC tweeted on Monday, LGBTQ Nation reports. “The individual will not be participating at our conference.”

This is like finding out that you can’t come to the KKK rally because your pointed hood doesn’t reach regulation height. This is like learning that you couldn’t join the Trump administration because you have a history of being a racist. It’s like finally passing the bar and being unable to work with Rudy Giuliani because he thinks you’re crazy.

And then I looked at Young Pharaoh’s photo and it totally makes sense: Young Pharaoh is Black and well, CPAC is only for white anti-Semites. Well, maybe that isn’t true either. It looks like CPAC is for members who keep their anti-Semitism on the down-low. So white nationalist Richard Spencer was kicked out of CPAC in 2017, but that didn’t stop a shit ton of other white supremacists from showing up just a year later. HuffPost literally clocked all of them who attended the event.

Young Pharaoh tweeted that he’s being “censored” and noted, “I feel like I’m being silenced. I feel like my rights are being violated.” It should be noted that CPAC’s theme this year is “America Uncanceled.”

I would like to link to his account but it’s been suspended probably because he’s Black, which is how racism works in the hotep universe that is so hotep it’s conservative.

Thankfully, one woman on Twitter was helpful enough to provide alternative workshops for conservatives who were going to miss out on YP’s select brand of hate:


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