Science Communicator Goes Viral After Her “Explain Like I’m 5” Explanation Of Vaccines Entices 38K People On Twitter (Picture)

 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it appears there’s a light at the end of this tunnel—news of vaccines are coming from several countries, all with the goal to put an end to the global pandemic. But before we can pull out the champagne and celebrate in the streets (remember those good times?), we have to understand what the vaccines will really do to us and what we can expect from this long-awaited victory.

First and foremost, the upcoming vaccine is not a miracle cure—there will be no magic wand that will fix the world. However, it’s a huge step forward which will help us all get back on our feet—or at least regain the world we had not so long ago. But before we jump head-first into the tricky world of pharmacy and happily skip towards the proverbial sunset, it’s a good idea to understand exactly what we’re signing up for. Luckily, the professionals are here to help!

With A COVID-19 Vaccine On The Horizon, Debates About It Are Inevitable, Including This One That’s Going Viral Right Now

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Dr. Teagan Wall, PhD is a speaker and science communicator, as well as the writer behind some of “smarter” shows on TV (including Young Sheldon). And in her recent Twitter thread, she explained how the vaccines work and what we can expect from them (spoiler alert: there’s no instant cure).

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Turns Out, People Might Be Carrying The Virus Without Any Active Symptoms, But You Can Still Pass It On To Somebody Else

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If The Vaccine Is Ignored, The Predicted Mortality Rate In The US Will Be Close To 6m

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Wall Says The Vaccines Are Like Gloves: It Won’t Eradicate The Virus, But It’ll Reduce The Spread By 90%

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On the surface level, coronavirus is similar to the flu—you might not be actively sniffling or coughing, but you can spread it to other people who are more susceptible, intentionally or not. Coronavirus gets inside the body via mucus membranes (not the most glamorous term, we know) aka nose, mouth, lungs, or eyes. With the vaccine, the spread should be halted to a degree.

Dr. Wall noted the upcoming vaccine, however useful, is not a “get out of jail free card,” so the standard means of protection still apply. It’s all a complete protective ensemble to reduce the spread of the virus and keep the active cases to a minimum.

According to her, vaccines won’t actively keep you from contracting the virus (any virus, to be fair). Instead, you will have a slim chance of still getting sick or even carrying the virus, but if everyone had that same percentage, then the chances of fatal cases would drop tremendously.

Twitter users quickly embraced the “Explain it like I’m 5” method, sharing their own thoughts about the vaccine and seeking advice or guidance on how to act or what to expect. The thread’s comment section quickly became a smorgasbord of discussion, with 38K likes and 19K tweets all surrounding the same topic: will the new vaccine return life to normal?

19K People On Twitter Jump At A Chance To Share Their Insights On The Upcoming Vaccine

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Science Communicator Goes Viral After Her “Explain Like I’m 5” Explanation Of Vaccines Entices 38K People On Twitter (Picture) Science Communicator Goes Viral After Her “Explain Like I’m 5” Explanation Of Vaccines Entices 38K People On Twitter (Picture) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 08:16 Rating: 5

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