Dr. Ayyadurai Wins Key Victory in Election Fraud Case


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD., scored a major victory in his lawsuit claiming that his campaign for Senator in Massachusetts was fraudulently stolen thanks to Dominion Voting Systems machines used to tabulate and calculate the vote.

Dr. Ayyadurai is David fighting Goliath. He could not find a lawyer to take his case so he was left to fight alone. He filed Pro Se, i.e.

For one’s own behalf; in person. Appearing for oneself, as in the case of one who does not retain a lawyer and appears for himself or herself in court.

Dr. Syyadurai, not a lawyer, faced off with the Secretary of State William Galvin and won the right to present an amended complaint (see Case 1:20-cv-12080-MLW). Judge D. J.  Wolf, the man who put Whitey Bulger in prision, made the ruling.

What a remarkable outcome. No lawyer would step forward to help the good Doctor. But he was not to be deterred and pressed on with the facts. The judge listened and decided he wants to hear the facts.

This case will provide Dr. Ayyurdai the opportunity to present the evidence of the fraud that involved Dominion Voting Systems machines and erased votes that should have been counted for him. Not only that, it also will show that the same fraud was perpetrated against Donald Trump.

Dr. Shiva’s amended complaint provides him the opportunity to lay out the evidence–documentary, eye witness and statistical–that should be compelling. Pray for Dr. Shiva. 

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