Seattle "Summer of Love" Mayor Is "Deeply Concerned" About Mass Exodus Of City's Police Officers

 Remember the “summer of love” in Seattle after radical, anti-cop Antifa demonstrators set up an autonomous zone smack dab in the center of the city? Remember how the mayor wrote it off as nothing more than a summertime “block party?”

As The Blaze reported, it looks like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is beginning to not only have some regret over letting Antifa anarchists take control of her city, but also because of a growing public safety crisis as a record number of police officers leave the police force.

A local media outlet reported on Friday that according to recently released budget reports, there appears to be an exodus of police officers from the Seattle Police Department. Since September alone, approximately 39 officers have “separated” from the force, with over a dozen more using accrued leave time likely as they wait to move on to new jobs.

Making matters worse for law-abiding citizens in Seattle is the alarming fact that the department is now staffed at levels not seen since the early 90s, when there were roughly 44 percent fewer residents living in the area. What that means for those law-abiding citizens who count on the police is longer response times for emergencies.

Durkan is reportedly “deeply concerned” over the matter. Turns out that her “summer of love” might not have been worth the political credit she scored with the woke, defund-the-police leftists she was pandering to at the time.

She called the concerning situation “unprecedented,” even though it was the complete opposite. When cops aren’t allowed to do their jobs, naturally, they’re going to seek out agencies where they’re allowed to actually be cops.

“We are losing an unprecedented number of officers, which makes it even more critical that we recruit and retain officers committed to reform and community policing that reflect the diversity and values of our city,” Durkan said.

But in the same breath, Durkan had to appease her Antifa supporters, as she used the same tired liberal talking point of “reimagining” policing in her community.

“We will continue to improve policing and reimagine community safety in Seattle by shifting some responses to community-based alternatives and civilian programs like Health One or Community Service Officers,” Durkan said.

The Seattle City Council made waves earlier this year after voting, in a radical and dangerous move, to defund the city’s police department. Durkan hesitantly vetoed the measure, but the council was too strong, eventually overriding the veto, which will undoubtedly leave the department financially crippled.

It won’t take long for residents in these poorly-run liberal cities to feel the effects of a reduction in police funding and manpower, as criminals will flock to those areas by the thousands so that they can do their bidding without much worry of being apprehended by police.

We can only hope that as crime inevitably increases, the Democrats in power begin to see the error of their radical ways.

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