Police: Portland Antifa Shooter Appeared To Target Patriot Prayer Member Before Killing

Prior to his death when law enforcement tried to arrest him on a second-degree murder charge, antifa’s Michael Forest Reinoehl attempted to paint the killing of a Patriot Prayer member in Portland, Oregon, as an action that took place in the heat of the moment to protect a fellow demonstrator.
A darker, more sinister narrative is emerging now that Reinoehl’s arrest affidavit has been made public.
Reinoehl was killed Thursday evening in a shootout with federal agents in Lacey, Washington. Earlier Thursday, an arrest warrant for Reinoehl was issued based on an affidavit from Portland police, The Oregonian reported.
The affidavit said police reviewed video of the events leading up to the death of Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson on Aug. 29, and could see Reinoehl hiding in an alcove of a parking garage before he shot Danielson.
As Danielson and his friend and fellow Patriot Prayer supporter, Chandler Pappas, walked past, Reinoehl reached into what was either a pouch or the waistband on his pants, the affidavit said.
Homicide Detective Rico Beniga wrote in the affidavit that Reinoehl “conceals himself, waits and watches” as Danielson and Pappas pass him.
After they passed, Reinoehl and another man followed them, Beniga said.
Soon after came the confrontation with Danielson and Pappas. That’s when shots were fired and Danielson was killed, according to the affidavit.
Beniga said that judging from video of the incident, it looked like Reinoehl held his gun with both hands extended as he fired.
Following the gunshots, he kept his right arm extended toward Danielson before fleeing the scene, the affidavit said.
A witness told police that prior to the gunshots, he saw three black men in the area. The witness “said one of the black males was the primary aggressor and stated: ‘We’re going to f—ing kill you,'” according to the affidavit.
Beniga relayed that another witness told police Reinoehl “peeked out” of his hiding place before following Danielson and Pappas. 
The scenario pieced together by witnesses and police led them to conclude that Reinoehl’s first shot hit a can of “Bear Attack Deterrent” that Danielson was holding. The second shot killed him.
During the investigation into Danielson’s death, police found a text from Reinoehl to his son.
The affidavit said the text read: “Sell me the gun for a quarter pound of weed and $100 i’m getting tired of this s— I need a piece now.”
Prior to his death, Reinoehl spoke out about the shooting that led to Danielson’s death in an interview with Vice.
“You know, lots of lawyers suggest that I shouldn’t even be saying anything, but I feel it’s important that the world at least gets a little bit of what’s really going on,” Reinoehl said.
“I had no choice. I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn’t going to do that.”
Reinoehl claimed he was threatened by an anti-antifa protester.
“Had I stepped forward, he would have maced or stabbed me,” Reinoehl said.
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