House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff Lies Through His Teeth on CNN, Claims Trump ‘Frankly Wants the Russian Help’

Watch as House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff lies through his teeth and claims that PResident Trump wants Russian help to win the election in November.
Adam Schiff is a disgrace and possibly the worst House Intelligence Chair in our nation’s history.
He claims the president is basically guilty of treason, without evidence, and Dana Bash does not even call him out on it.
CNN should be shut down for spewing fake news and if the world was a fair and just place Adam Schiff would commit suicide rather than disgrace the country further.
BASH: “Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff who is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee joins me now. Thank you so much for coming on. When you hear the president saying those things and you see the bulletin, and I’m sure you see a lot more than that since you’re the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, about Russia is trying to do when it comes to misinformation or disinformation about the mail-in voting system about to start in this country as the election is here, what are we to think?”
SCHIFF: “Well, this is really not at all surprising. You know, I think weeks or months ago I was asking the intelligence agencies to look out for exactly this, the Russians amplifying the president’s false claims about vote by mail.
It was simply too attractive a target for the Russians because they could both — achieve both of their aims, they could cause Americans to distrust their own democracy, but they could also help Donald Trump and the Trump campaign.
And sure enough, now this is what we’re seeing and tragically the president is doing nothing to deter it, nothing to disrupt it because he frankly wants the Russian help. He’s made it abundantly clear in 2016 that he wanted their help, in 2019 that he was ready to coerce Ukraine for their help, he apparently begged President Xi for China’s help.
This president just doesn’t care what it does to our democracy.”
BASH: “Are you suggesting that the president is being as aggressive as he is on this publicly in order to send a signal to Russia, to do what they’re doing?”
SCHIFF: “Well, I don’t think he needs to send a signal. I think the Russians well understand both that this is the president’s message and they can help the president’s campaign by amplifying it.
But they can also potentially help cause chaos in the aftermath of our election. And I would look for the Russians again after the election takes place as those ballots are being counted if the president continues his false claims about these — the sanctity of those ballots, I would fully expect the Russians to be piling on and, you know, what we’re trying to do in our committee is expose what the Russians are doing.
They shouldn’t — it shouldn’t be that the American people are learning about this through leaks of the press.
The agencies should be telling the American people.
We learned, Dana, in addition to this DHS bulletin, and we learned through good reporting just a couple weeks ago that there was a second bulletin saying the Russians were denigrating Joe Biden’s health, echoing the same claims, the false smears that Donald Trump is making on Joe Biden.
That was withheld from the law enforcement agencies. It was also withheld from Congress. I don’t remember ever seeing this. And we got to continue to fight to make sure that we’re informed and the American people are informed because exposure is one of the — one of the tools we can use to protect the public.”
House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff Lies Through His Teeth on CNN, Claims Trump ‘Frankly Wants the Russian Help’ House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff Lies Through His Teeth on CNN, Claims Trump ‘Frankly Wants the Russian Help’ Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 02:26 Rating: 5

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