Adult Trump Hater Viciously Attacks 12-Year-Old Trump Supporter With Barrage Of Punches

The Democrat base is getting more unhinged every day and now they have taken to assaulting kids who support President Donald Trump.
A 12-year-old young man in Boulder, Colorado was riding his bike on Monday with a Trump sign on it when the woman came along on a moped and attacked him, The Denver Post reported.
Boulder police are investigating a report that a 12-year-old boy was assaulted over a President Donald Trump yard sign.
According to Boulder police, the assault occurred at 3 p.m. Monday at Folsom Street and Glenwood Drive.
Police said the boy was riding his bicycle with the Trump sign when a woman on a moped saw the sign and turned around to confront the boy.

A spokeswoman for the police,  Shannon Aulabaugh said that the woman drove to where the child was and said something to the effect of “you want something to look at.”
She then struck the child with a closed fist four to five times and scratched him in the unprovoked assault.
The alleged victim said that the woman attempted to take the sign from him before leaving the scene.
The suspect is said to be a white female in her 20s or 30s who had on a tan jacket, blue shirt and blue jeans. The moped was described as gray or blue in color.
It is a sad case but it is not stunning to anyone who has been watching the news in recent times. No one, not even children, are off limits.
Weeks ago, after former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for president, gave his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, another youngster who supports the president was assaulted.
The video showed the two female Biden supporters going after some Trump supporters, including a 7-year-old boy whose name is Riley and his mother, after the Democratic convention.
“Get off my property! Are you destroying my property?,” the mom said as the two women grab pro-Trump signs and hats.
“Yes, we are,” the woman in black says as she and the woman in red tear the sign and fling it at the mother.
Riley chased after the woman and said “I just wanted to sit on the floor,” as he begged the two thugs to give him his hat back.
“We don’t give a f*ck. Your mom f*cking likes Trump,” the woman in red said to the crying 7-year-old child.
“You’re going to steal my property? I’ll follow you to your car and get your license plate,” the mom says to the women who say they are walking and are local.
The boy pleads for his hat back and tells his mom to “call 911” as one of the women says, “Your baby sounds like a b*tch.”
The mom then calls over someone named Taylor and says These people right here are taking your hat … They attacked my son.”
As Taylor attempts to get the hat back the woman swings at him, flings the hat over a fence and says, “We will knock you the f*ck out.”
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