Joe Biden Has His Fellow Democrats Furious As The Competition To Be His Running Mate Continues

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is again delaying his decision for who his running mate will be.
The continued delays have some in the Democrat camp concerned, but Biden’s handlers must know what he is going against.
In the age of woke culture if his pick has done anything resembling something that the woke police do not approve of it could mean curtains for his chances of being president.
In fact, the woke police are concerned now that his selection process is pitting women against women in a battle to see who gets the nod, The Washington Post reported.
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has extended his vice-presidential search by as much as two weeks, intensifying the jockeying and lobbying between allies of the women who hope to join his White House. Even some longtime Biden allies worry the process has become “messier than it should be,” pitting women, especially Black women, against one another. 
The dynamic threatens to undermine Biden’s effort to use the vice-presidential search to spotlight some of the party’s brightest female stars during the highly public vetting process. And it’s already providing President Trump’s campaign an opening to dig up dirt and launch attacks on potential rivals.
“It’s been relentless. It’s been unfortunate. But I must say it’s been predictable,” former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile said.
“It’s extremely disappointing, because many of these attacks . . . are being made by Democratic men who should know better,” she said.
“I would hope that in this selection process, we are mindful that Black women — and women of color — deserve respect,” she said.
We know that Biden’s pick is going to be a female, scoring him at least one woke point in the woke Olympics of his process.
But that point will not mean anything if that woman is not black. He has no choice. If he does not pick a black woman he is done.
In the Democrat Party it is not about merit, it never is. Heck, if Biden could find himself a competent transgender, lesbian, black single mother he would have the gold medal.
In recent days a Politico report surfaced that former senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who is on Biden’s vice-presidential vetting panel, told donors that Sen. Kamala D. Harris “had no remorse” for her attacks on Biden while on a debate stage. One donor implied to CNBC that Harris has too much “ambition.” And former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, a longtime Biden friend, told CNN that Harris can “rub people the wrong way.”
Some of the comments are being made by high-ranking Democrats pushing alternative candidates such as Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) and more recently Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), making some worry that women of color are being forced to kneecap one another.
“It bugs me that people want to pit these two Black women against the other,” Rep. James E. , said. “Nobody is trying to pit Sen. Elizabeth Warren against [Michigan Gov. Gretchen] Whitmer. And both of their names are being mentioned every day as being in the search.”
“It is messier than it should be because somebody is trying to create a story,” he said.
And this is the error of attempting to have everyone approve of what you do and say. The Republicans do not have this issue when they pick a vice president because they are not ticking boxes.
But when your selection process starts with checking what gender someone is and what color they are you are going to have issues.
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