30 Pics That Illustrate Why America Is #1 When It Comes To Coronavirus Cases

Countries might be loosening lockdown restrictions, but the coronavirus hasn’t gone away. There are a total of 10.3 million confirmed cases of infected worldwide and 2.59 million of these are in the United States alone, according to Johns Hopkins University. Brazil stands in second place with over 1.37 million cases while Russia has 640k confirmed infections. Meanwhile, India has nearly 567k cases, and the United Kingdom has 313k.
A lot of people are asking the question: why is America number 1 in the world when it comes to Covid-19 infections? It’s a complicated issue with no easy answers. However, some people on the internet are posting anecdotal evidence about how "bad" some Americans are with following coronavirus guidelines. Scroll down to have a look, dear Pandas, and upvote your faves. Oh, and keep in mind that different sources provide slightly different numbers of people who have been infected with the virus.
You can see up-to-date details about the coronavirus pandemic by visiting the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 dashboard right here. It’s a great tool to use for more in-depth understanding and wider context on this health crisis.

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