U.S. President Ranked by "Greatness"(Picture)

At 5 feet and 4 inches, President James Madison was the shortest of all U.S. presidents. The youngest was President John F. Kennedy, who entered office at the age of 43. And President William Harrison served in the office for the shortest term at 31 days.
But who was the greatest?

This question was posed to 170 current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association — a group of social science experts in presidential politics. These political scientists scored each president’s “greatness” on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being a failure, 50 being average and 100 being great.

The survey scores were compiled and reported by political scientists Brandon Rottinghaus of the University of Houston, and Justin S. Vaughn of Boise State University. Their findings were released earlier this year in a white paper report titled, “Official Results of the 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey.”

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