Someone Found This $159,900 House Listing That Looks Modest At First But Gets Weird Fast When You Look Inside (29 Pics)

Let’s say that you’re looking to buy a house. What’s the first thing that you do? You go on, Google, of course! You start searching, but your dream house looks like it’s out of your price range, so you lower your standards until you start finding weird hidden gems for low prices. But we doubt you’ve ever seen a house like this before.
Twitter user Frazierapproves (aka Middle-Aged Rust Belt Voter) unearthed what he calls the greatest house listing of all time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It looks completely normal from the outside. But once you go inside, it’s a different story. It keeps getting weirder and weirder with every step that you take. You start feeling like Alice going to Wonderland for the first time. Or a time-traveling wizard.
It literally looks like this house has a bit of everything for every taste. Either that or it’s stuck in some weird time warp. The super-gaudy funhouse can be bought for just 159.9k dollars

One Twitter user shared a very strange house listing. It looks normal from the outside…

Image credits: frazierapproves

…but things get weirder and weirder with every photo

Image credits: frazierapproves

This is what the interior looks like

Image credits: frazierapproves

Yes, the house has its very own starship

There’s even an indoor beach

Image credits: frazierapproves
“I live in Pittsburgh and came across the listing via my local subreddit,” Frazierapproves told Bored Panda about how he found the listing. “The front exterior photo is completely unremarkable. It’s very typical of the 1960s Suburban Pittsburgh housing vernacular… particularly in the eastern suburbs. That’s the kind of home they built for middle-class families in the last days of steel. The first surprise came with the photos of the backyard. Not only is the yard larger than one would suspect, but swimming pools are exceedingly rare in this region, due to the hilly topography and small window of summer-like temperatures.”
According to the Twitter user, things start to get really weird with the very first interior photo. “The first thing you see is the vaulted ceiling in spiral staircase in what, by all external appearances was a single floor ranch house. The living room and library appear to have some light medieval theming with a large outer space mural, which is the first indication that we are dealing with something truly special here,” he said.
“Each successive photo reveals another genre-themed room, with an increasing level of commitment. It’s like a miniature amusement park or a home-sized movie studio. It is simply the most amazing home I have ever seen.”

Here’s a list of everything that you can find inside the house

Frazierapproves believes that the owner of the house is “clearly” a fan of genre fiction. “But, more importantly, they are the kind of person who recognizes that a home should be a reflection of one’s own personality. I’ve been in my house for years, and some of the rooms still bear the last owner’s paint on the walls. It’s safe. It’s ‘tasteful.’ This person clearly made the house their’s, and that’s something that all of us who are fortunate enough to own their own homes, should aspire to.”
The Twitter user admitted that he’s not really in the market for a new home and is more of a city person. “So that house isn’t for me, but if I had the money, I would scoop it up to use as a retreat/party/clubhouse, without changing a thing… aside from tossing the creepy robot.”

The interior is beyond weird!

Image credits: zillow
Image credits: zillow
Image credits: zillow

This is an alien that greets you as you walk by

Image credits: zillow

The kitchen looks normal…

Image credits: Zillow

…until you notice the hatch

Image credits: zillow

There’s a spiral staircase leading to the second floor

Image credits: zillow

This is what the bedrooms look like

Image credits: zillow
Image credits: zillow
Image credits: zillow
Image credits: zillow
Image credits: zillow
The Twitter user’s post got a lot of attention online with 92k likes and 19.5k retweets. A lot of people joked that the house is listed for very little when you consider that it has a 25th-century ‘spaceship’ inside.
However, that’s far from the only thing that you will find when you walk through the door. The former ranch that was converted into a two-story house also has a 13th-century castle living room, an elevated library that you can reach by going up a ladder, and a talking space alien that greets you.
But that’s not all! There’s also a galley kitchen and you can reach the laundry room and the workshop by going through a hatch. The house also has a spiral staircase that leads up to the bedrooms, the den area, and a walkway.
One of the bedrooms is tropical island-themed (with an indoor beach no less) while another is a ‘70s hippie crash pad with a water bed. Oh yeah, and the back yard comes with a pool and a patio. Are we the only ones who think that the people living in this house would feel like they have their very own magical kingdom?

Here’s what people said about the bizarre house

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Someone Found This $159,900 House Listing That Looks Modest At First But Gets Weird Fast When You Look Inside (29 Pics) Someone Found This $159,900 House Listing That Looks Modest At First But Gets Weird Fast When You Look Inside (29 Pics) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 02:51 Rating: 5

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