Mosque donates food made for Ramadan to homeless

Inverness Mosque
Ramadan has begun but Scotland's Muslim communities are marking the holy month at home due to the coronavirus lockdown.
Services are being made available by mosques across the country.
And a mosque in Inverness is also donating the food it would normally make for worshippers to the homeless and others who need it.
It has also urged its worshippers to eat well after their daily fasting to help maintain good health. 
The month of Ramadan, which this year started on Thursday evening, is considered the holiest of months in the Islamic calendar and normally sees Muslims fast by not eating or drinking during daylight hours as well as being a time for prayer and reflection.
Meals are prepared for congregations to eat following the day's fasting, but this year people are being asked to stay at home

'It is a big test for us'

Dr Waheed Khan, of Inverness Mosque, described this year's Ramadan as one that has never been experienced before.
"It might put some people off the basic principles of it because they are not in the right environment. It is a big test for us this Ramadan," he said.
"The mosque will be empty along with all the things that are of great, great comfort to the community."
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