Alabama Detective Charged With Murder in ‘Love Triangle’ Killing

A Birmingham, Alabama, detective was charged with murder Saturday after she allegedly shot and killed a woman sitting in an unmarked police car with an off-duty detective in what investigators said was “a love triangle gone wrong.”
“This is not a press conference that I wanted to give today or any other day, but it’s about the facts and realities of life,” Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said at a press conference announcing the arrest of Alfreda Fluker.
Smith did not provide details of the entanglement except to say “it’s something that has been going on for a little while without our knowledge.”
The male off-duty detective who was sitting on the car, who was not identified, was not hurt. The victim was identified as Kanisha Necole Fuller, 43. 
The incident unfolded just after 11 p.m. on Friday when cops responded to a call of shots fired. They arrived to find a woman shot numerous times and rushed her to UAB Hospital, where she was pronounced dead early Saturday.
Hours later, Fluker—a 15-year veteran of the force assigned to the crime prevention team—was taken into custody at her home in west Birmingham. Local police have called in state investigators because one of their own is involved.
“We’ve spent all of this night tracking down everything we possibly could on this case,” Smith said. “Even when it leads to one of our own we’re going to make the tough call and we’re going to take the right actions.”
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