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A 107-year old woman overcame Spanish Flu as a child, and has just overcome COVID-19...

Ana del Valle, from  Ronda  , at 107  , has survived two pandemics, since a few days ago  she recovered from the coronavirus and, as a ch...

Ana del Valle, from Ronda , at 107 , has survived two pandemics, since a few days ago she recovered from the coronavirus and, as a child, suffered from the Spanish flu of 1918 , as Efe tells her daughter-in-law, Paqui Sánchez.

“She was a country woman and she told us that, at that time, everyone in her house was bad. In addition, they had no milk or food, so when she was only 7 years old, she left the farm where she lived to look for milk in the nearest farm. But she fell under a holm oak, and hours later her mother found her with a very high fever, ”says Sánchez.

Paqui says that she has always been “at the foot of the canyon” and pending her mother-in-law Ana, and that in the summer of 2012 she chose the rnursing home in Alcalá del Valle (Cádiz), where the family came to visit her frequently.

What he could not imagine was that he would live the coronavirus crisis so closely, when it emerged that a good number of professionals and users of the residence had contracted the virus.

"The first news we received was a statement, on March 9, in which it was reported that family visits were prohibited due to the detection of the first case of Covid-19 in one of the workers," he says.

“On March 19 they confirmed that there were two infected workers and that they had tested all the elderly. They also told me, unofficially, that of the twenty-two workers at the residence, twenty had tested positive, and that the results of the users took longer because the samples had been sent to a laboratory in Cádiz, ”says Sánchez.

On March 20, when the coronavirus test results arrived from all users, Ana's family learned that she was one of the users who had tested positive for Covid-19.

The rondeña denounces the "absolute lack of information" suffered by familiesof the residents when the crisis was brewing, and defends the work of the center's workers: “Although they say otherwise, the elderly have not been abandoned, they have been cared for by workers who were sick, but they did not lack anything, nor food".

The midnight before March 24, Paqui assures that he called the local police officer of Alcalá del Valle crying to tell him that he had no information from his mother-in-law: “He did not know what to do, and he went to the residence and told me that he was all right".

The next day, Paqui and her family knew that they were going to move Ana to La Línea and, in that period of uncertainty, La Rondeña admits that the provincial delegate for Health and Families of the Board in Cádiz, Isabel Paredes, personally attended her and In addition to confirming the transfer, he assured him that the situation would improve.

“He told me that we were going to be connected and gave me his phone number. Since then they called every day, and we learned that in La Línea there was a team of emergency specialists, a group of psychologists and two doctors who attended to my mother-in-law and who are calling me every day. They even make video calls for us, and send us videos and photos, ” says Paqui.

The rondeña tells that after her mother-in-lawAna has given negative for the first time in her third test, and has gone through a unit of critics, with sedation and tranquilizers, the progress in her physical health "is incredible", since one day she asked at the residence hall to give her the walker , and with the help of a nurse, he managed to get up and walk down the hall a little.

Paqui highlights the human quality that all the professionals who work for the welfare of her mother-in-law have shown and that keeps her family informed at all times: “It seems that the professionals are chosen, they have a sweetness and affection with us and with them… They are wonderful people. ” 

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