Democrat Governor Wants People to Die, Bans the Use of Potentially Lifesaving Covid-19 Drug

The Democrat governor of Nevada apparently wants people in hist state to die from the new coronavirus.
What else would explain his executive order yesterday banning the use of a potentially lifesaving combination of the anti-malarial drug chloroquine and other anti-viral drugs.
Via the New York Post:
Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s executive order came after President Trump touted the medication as holding promise for combating the illness.
Sisolak said there was no consensus among experts or Nevada doctors that the drugs can treat people with COVID-19.
His order also limits a prescription of the medicines — which are also used to treat illnesses like lupus and arthritis — to a 30-day supply to ensure it’s available for “legitimate medical purposes” and so people don’t stockpile the drug.
Trump helped create a recent flurry of demand for the drugs when he announced last week that chloroquine “could be a game-changer” and that the FDA had approved it as treatment for coronavirus sufferers, which it has not. Trump also said hydroxychloroquine could be used in prevention.
This is beyond reprehensible.
This wicked Democrat governor clearly does not care a whit about the people who live in his state.
To Nevada governor Steve Sisolak the most important thing in his political life is to oppose anything the President is for.
Meanwhile there is evidence that chlorquine may be an effective treatment for the coronavirus.
A Florida man says he took a chance at the brink of death and it saved his life.
After being diagnosed with pneumonia and COVID-19, Rio Giardinieri, a 52-year-old manufacturing executive, said he went through living hell, according to KTTV.
Giardinieri said the illness threw his body into a tailspin with nine days of searing back pain. For a week, he said he was isolated in the ICU, where, though placed on oxygen, he could still hardly breathe.
Last Friday night, he said found himself on his deathbed and out of options when doctors gave him the grim news that there was nothing more they could do.
Giardinieri set to calling friends and family, telling them he would not make it. Hardest of all, he said his goodbyes to his wife and their three children.
And then a friend forwarded him an article about an old and well-known anti-malarial drug — hydroxychloroquine — that saw promising results in a study in France.
Giardinieri said he then contacted an infectious disease doctor.
“He gave me all the reasons why I would probably not want to try it because there are no trials, there’s no testing, it was not something that was approved,” Giardinieri explained.
But after explaining that he didn’t have much time left, Giardinieri said the doctor approved the drug for him and a nurse administered it 30 minutes later.
Just an hour after being placed on the medication by IV, he said his body reacted strongly, and by morning, he had no symptoms.
Giardinieri said he has since been issued several more doses and doctors hope to release him once the illness has left his system and he can no longer infect others.
“To me, there was no doubt in mind that I wouldn’t make it until morning,” Giardinieri said. “So to me the drug saved my life.”
So again, what is crystal clear is that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is an evil wicked man who does not care if the people in his state die from the coronavirus.
He has no issue withholding potentially lifesaving drugs, he’s rather you die, than Trump succeed in stamping out this threat to the USA and the world.
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