Cartoon Illustrates One of the First Thanksgivings, Birth of the Democrat Party

The hilarious cartoon below brutally illustrates one of the very first Thanksgivings in America, the one where the guiding philosophy of what ultimately became known as the Democratic Party, was likely born:
Now that is funny, and probably happened just like that!
But seriously, Democrats have been trying to ruin Thanksgiving for a long time now.
Here’s the latest installment:
Last night on “Late Night with Seth Myers” leftist comedian and writer Amber Ruffin told viewers how to ruin their “racist” uncle’s Thanksgiving by going after them about Trump staffer Stephen Miller.
Since Miller works for Trump and helps craft border policy he is of course a racist white nationalist in the eyes of the Democrats and their lackey media and Hollywood allies. 
Ruffin suggests that you go after your “uncle” over Stephen Miller and Trump’s border policies and claim if you support them you are a racist.
So on the holiday that is supposed to bring us together to offer thanks for this great country and the blessings we have in in our lives Ruffin suggests her viewers disrupt and divide instead.
That is so typical of people who support the left. No middle ground, my way or the highway.
Also have you ever noticed that leftist comedians like Amber Ruffin always claim it’s people’s uncles who are racist?
What if people’s parents or siblings support Trump and his border policies?
Should people taking Ruffin’s advice go after their parents and siblings too? Sadly the answer is probably yes.
Watch as leftist comedian Amber Ruffin tells viewers how to “Teach your racist Uncle at Thanksgiving dinner that being ‘OK’ with Stephen Miller’s emails is racist:
[ Light laughter ] Then, White House adviser, Stephen Miller — you know, the guy who is in charge of all the terrible stuff happening at the border — had a bunch of his emails leaked, and they were full of racist stuff and people were like, whhaaat…
[ laughter ] I think this guy is a racist and I was like, what a teachable moment so stick with me here.
[ Light laughter ] The White House hired Stephen Miller to be in charge of what is happening at the border now, what is happening at the border is racist that means that Stephen Miller is racist. So if you are okay with what’s happening at the border, even after reading Miller’s emails, then you are a racist.
[ Cheers and applause] And that’s a lesson you can take to Thanksgiving dinner your racist uncle is going to be like, whaaaaaaaaat…
[ cheers and applause]
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