The ‘Sexy Peach’ Emoji Is The Newest Symbol Of The Resistance

The peach emoji, which is normally used to symbolize a butt (typically for the purposes of sending raunchy text messages or referring to a member of the Kardashian family without naming them), is the latest symbol of the anti-Trump resistance, according to the Washington Post.
“Everyone’s favorite thicc stone fruit,” the newspaper tweeted over a photo of the emoji in question, “is now a juicy anti-Trump symbol.”
Apparently, the “peach” has now come to stand in for the middle part of the word, “impeachment” — a trend started by rap goddess, Lizzo, who tweeted out “IM[PEACH]MENT” last week, likely in celebration of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to launch an impeachment inquiry in the House over conversations that reportedly took place between President Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine.
The president is, of course, accused of seeking information about former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, who sat on the board of a company that faced prosecution in Ukraine earlier in the 2000s, allegedly in return for favors or the restoration of foreign aid to the eastern European country.
So far, evidence, mostly released voluntarily by the White House, hasn’t establsihed any quid-pro-quo agreement between the two leaders, and a whistleblower, who claimed to have information about the exchange, obtained that information second-hand. But House Democrats have already moved forward on opening an impeachment inquiry and plan to introduce articles of impeachment by the end of 2019.
But back to the “peach.”
Lizzo’s tweet, it seems, caught on like wildfire among the social media resistance, and the peach quickly became the go-to indicator that someone on Twitter was in favor of pursuing impeachment against the president.
The Washington Post, attuned to the latest in cultural revolutions, explained, in a story posted earlier this week, that the emoji, which features a “crease” representative of a “butt crack,” can now be used to refer to both another human being’s derriere or Donald Trump.
“In certain online circles,” the write, “the peach is becoming a protest emoji — much like how some use the rose emoji to signify that they are supporters of the Democratic Socialists of America. Impeachment supporters put it in their Twitter bios.”
The Post is rather impressed. They’re absolutely giddy over the “multiple layers of meaning in the peach emoji — the impeachment pun, the color of the fruit evoking the president’s tanned skin tone and the original slang meaning of the peach emoji.”
You can also purchase peach-themed items, it seems, off of sites like Etsy where people sell handmade goods, so that you can express your happiness with the impeachment inquiry in real life. The most popular items, the WaPo notes, in its breaking news piece, are peach emoji pins, but there are also magnets, tee shirts, stickers, and even jewelry (if you’re not into peach-themed impeachment items, there are also “impeach Trump” flip-flops, bumper stickers, hats and a flag).
One seller even remarked to the Post how his Trump-Peach pins are now outselling other emoji-themed Trump merchandise, like “Trump poop” pins: “It’s like, Oh he’s a buttface,’ so it’s like, very intellectual, multilayered high art, I like to think,” [one seller] joked. “Enamel pin culture is about having a visual marker for different aspects of your personality and your interests.”
The WaPo has been promoting their peach story for two days, but social media users on the other end of the tweets aren’t particularly impressed.
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