Facebook Is Hiring Corporate Media Veterans to Continue Crackdown on Conservatives and Push Fake News

It’s no secret that Facebook and the Silicon Valley tech giants discriminate against conservatives. 
Facebook has been eliminating traffic to conservative websites since the 2016 election.
Facebook eliminated page views to a majority of top pro-Trump conservative publishers after the 2016 election.

In 2016 suburban voters and women would check their Facebook pages and see conservative news.  That is no longer the case.  And in November these voters chose Democrats.

Facebook continues to wipe out conservative publishers.

In September 2018 The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft testified before Congress on the elimination of conservative content on Facebook.
From that testimony.
Recently we analyzed traffic numbers for some of the top conservative publishers in the U.S. What we found was simply shocking. Just as Gateway Pundit had been eliminated by Facebook from being seen by its readers, Facebook eliminated 93% [2]of combined referral traffic to these websites from January 2017 to May 2018.
The site Western Journal and other conservative websites under their umbrella had more than a billion page views in 2016. Since then the organization lost 75% of its Facebook traffic. Likewise, Klicked Media, host of over 60 conservative websites, lost 400 million page views from Facebook in the last six months when compared to the prior year. The total number of pageviews lost[3] by just these two conservative online publishers is more than 1.5 billion pageviews from Facebook in one year.
After the 2016 election, Facebook began making algorithm changes to ensure conservative news was no longer an option for their users. Two studies released in March of 2018 confirm this. A study by The Outline Organization[4] found conservative publishers were hit the hardest by recent Facebook algorithm changes — and that The Gateway Pundit was hit the hardest.
A Western Journal study[5] in March revealed the same startling statistics. Further, this study found that liberal publishers actually saw a 2 percent increase in traffic.
In fact, we found that every prominent conservative website from 2016 has either had their Facebook traffic diminished or entirely eliminated[6].

If Facebook were seeking to hold a book burning, they wouldn’t have been half as successful as they were in eliminating contrary points of view from being accessed by the American people.

And now to continue their crackdown on conservative voices Facebook is hiring corporate media veterans to silence pro-Trump voices and push fake news.

Breitbart.com reported:
Facebook recently spoke with Axios, revealing a number of plans to promote news outlets on its platform including the creation of a “News Tab” featuring outlets handpicked by Facebook, changing how millions of people receive news.
Axios reports that social media giant Facebook has new plans aimed at helping handpicked news outlets on its platform and will be hiring a number of seasoned journalists to curate a planned “News Tab” feature. The news tab is reportedly an effort by Facebook to restore some credibility to the site’s news feed which it believes has become inundated with fake news and clickbait.

Facebook is hiring the same partisans who pushed the biggest hoax in US history on the American public — The Trump-Russia collusion fantasy.
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