Nadler Called ‘Sexist Pig’ over Humiliating Treatment He Gave Hope Hicks in Closed-Door Session

When it comes to Hope Hicks, the liberal hypocrisy comes shining through.
The former White House aide and confidante to President Donald Trump going back to his days as a celebrity businessman is one of the best-known women in Trump’s circle.
But when a rabidly partisan Democratic congressman insults her by repeatedly getting her name wrong in an important closed-door session, Democrats who claim to support women don’t have anything to say.
Fortunately, plenty of conservatives do.
The public kerfuffle arose Thursday, with the release of transcripts of Hicks’ Wednesday interview with the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler (as partisan a liberal hack who’s ever warmed a chair in Congress).
Much of the testimony involved the work of Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager.
The scandalous, largely fictional “tell all” of the first Trump year in office, “Fire and Fury,” also claimed that Hicks and the married Lewandowski had been romantically involved. (The book also implied then-United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Trump were having an affair, so you can take author Michael Wolff for whatever you think he’s worth).
The transcripts showed Nadler addressed Hicks three times by the name of “Ms. Lewandowski,” before Hicks corrected him.
Nadler repeatedly calls Hope Hicks "Ms. Lewandowski" until she finally corrects him. "My name is Ms. Hicks":
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At The Federalist, commentator Caroline Court was outraged — and explained in such eloquent terms the whole piece really deserves a read. But this gives a pretty good idea:
“She earned her reputation as a loyal, hardworking White House staffer. She does not, under any circumstances, deserve some pants-up-to-his-chin congressman addressing her by the name of a man she may have dated. Dated. Not married…
“Whether he did it to rattle her during her testimony, or to take a shot at Trump, is also irrelevant. I don’t care what his motive was. When you’re so obsessed with taking down a political opponent that you don’t care who is collateral damage, it’s really time to reassess what you’re doing with your life…
“His treatment of Hicks is unacceptable and reprehensible. Yet it will go unpunished and I would be surprised if any of his colleagues on the same side of the aisle called him out for this gross behavior. I know people have lots of bad things to say about lawyers. But man, politics is so gross.”
The headline summed it up perfectly: “Jerry Nadler Is A Sexist Pig Who Should Be Censured By Congress.”
Plenty of social media users agreed with Court, too, as you might expect.
Nadler would be disciplined or jailed for contempt and prejudicial statements if he did this in court (as a judge or a lawyer). So as a committee chairman compelling testimony with subpoenas, it is reasonable that he requires adult oversight and the same consequences.
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If I was MS. Hicks I would of told Nadler that my name is Hope Hicks and when you can figure out who you're questioning I'll return. Then get up and walk out.
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But here’s where the hypocrisy comes in. The tweets above were from conservative commentator Dan Bongino’s Twitter account. There was more elsewhere on social media, of course, but not nearly in the numbers we would expect for a powerful man insulting a woman in the #MeToo age.
If a Republican had come anywhere close to committing the same rudeness to a Democrat — say a Susan Rice during the Obama administration, the airwaves and social media would have been filled with denunciations, accusations of sexism, etc.
But a Democrat insults a female aide to Trump? Crickets are louder than liberals when that happens.
In a CNN interview on Friday, Nadler justified the misidentification by claiming he was distracted during the questioning by objections raised by White House lawyers.

“That’s what I was thinking about, and I screwed it up,” he said. “I meant nothing by it.”
Oh, right. No harm no foul. After all, who couldn’t confuse to names that sound as much alike as “Hicks” and “Lewandowski”? It could happen to anyone, right?
Well, no. It couldn’t happen to anyone who was reasonably mentally alert. A House Judiciary Committee chairman who can’t keep track of the name of the person he’s grilling in preparation for possibly impeaching the president doesn’t deserve to be in Congress.
On the other hand, a congressman who’s so arrogantly confident of his own ability to carelessly insult a witness doesn’t deserve to hold power either.
But worse than any of that is the mainstream American media — media that would have roasted a Republican in the same situation, but shrugs because it’s on the same side as Jerry Nadler.
Just knowing you’re on the same side as Jerry Nadler should give any normal person hives, much less someone who claims to believe in honesty, patriotism or truth.
But when it comes to Hope Hicks, the liberal hypocrisy comes shining through.
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