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Illegals Crossing the Rio Grande Now Have to Contend with Massive Prehistoric Beast

Contrary to liberal talking points, conservatives understand the plight of migrants attempting to cross the southern border. We understand...

Contrary to liberal talking points, conservatives understand the plight of migrants attempting to cross the southern border. We understand that parents in Central America and Mexico often can’t provide their children the life they want for them, so they risk it all by trekking hundreds or thousands of miles in an attempt to reach the United States.
But we also wonder: is the trip worth the risk of death?
A parent’s decision to make the perilous journey is driven by extreme emotion. They may not rationally understand that the journey itself is riddled with dangerous and deadly obstacles that could very well kill them in the process. Families have to travel across deserts, over rivers, and even through jungles.
A danger less often discussed is the wildlife along the way.
In November 2018, a shocking video shot by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent near Eagle Pass, Texas showed what appeared to be a large alligator casually swimming across the Rio Grande River. 
According to KGNS, Tomo Miller with the Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center explained that while gator sightings in the Rio Grande are rare, the animals themselves are not uncommon. He said they usually end up coming from other rivers or as abandoned pets.
You can watch the gator swim across the river toward the Border Patrol agent’s boat below.
Miller also said that gators enjoy calm waters, which sometimes describes the River Grande. 
Since the river is an obvious and frequent crossing point into the U.S. for illegal immigrants, a run-in with alligators is not outside the question.
Not only do illegal immigrants have to deal with nature, they also have to make their way through unspeakably dangerous territory controlled by drug cartels where daily violence is the norm.
According to the Washington Post, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli blamed the death of a migrant child who drowned in the Rio Grande on her father.
Democrats, especially those contending for the Democratic presidential nomination, want you to believe the child’s tragic death was a result of the Trump administration’s immigration and asylum policies.
“The reason we have tragedies like that on the border is because that father didn’t wait to go through the asylum process in the legal fashion and decided to cross the river and not only died but his daughter died tragically as well,” Cucinelli said.  
He went on to explain that until the U.S. asylum system is fixed, more will likely die on the dangerous journey to reach the United States.
However those deaths happen, it’s a risk that asylum seekers need to keep in mind before they willingly put their children into harm’s way.


  1. When the pet alligators eat somebody it's it's just another pro illegal propaganda story....

  2. Don't let it be lonely .... stock thousands more.

  3. let them eat HIPPO!

  4. The 'Enchiladas'. Gators like Mexican food. Buy him a Margarita. Get him 'gator-faced'.

  5. Rio Grande Gators have been gobbling up wetbacks for decades.

  6. Sorry, for the length, you need to be spoon feed some few facts.

    Ahh.... the blame game, an trick, like guilt by association, used since time immemorial, aka from the days we humped on caves, you know, the Dicoveroids delutional world wuie, and it is exactly what They want it to be and the MSM whom is the force behind this, since most of our idiot politicians, since some people think politicians are smart people, they usually arnent, just politicians, like the MSM pretends to be about objective news.
    Then, whom to blame. its an long an winding road.
    But, what suckes them north, prospects of wealth, NGOs telling them about Soria Moria on the other side of the border line, just howl your ass over it, and if you have childen, they are the perfect ancker tool to throw out and attach one self into the country is the issue, this happens in europa as we speak
    Human trafficiers, again NGOs from and backed by verious groups and countrys as the despicable rotten Germs etc to the commies running Norway, whom this days sees not only nationalists, but the hole shebang, to rightwinged facists, and we are all nazis of course, because we dont wanna have more swindlers calling them self refugees into our lands, this NGOs have sailed in the Mediterian ocean for years now, and nobody stops them, and blames me for the deaths, while the, never forget this, the reason I never give mooney to chairty orgs, (AID is an fullbown western backed scam) when 90% evaporates into so called administrative costs and maybe an dollar drops on the so called needed, this NGOs trafficers and organizers are also benefitting massivily, since the cash flow to have this trafficing ongoing is massive, and again it never ends, this people arent refugees, everything else but refugees.

    Then we have the economics, the international corps whom runs this countrys aka banana republics, death squads, wacking oposition, wacking native envirimoentalists, etc, all this is never or rearly covered by the MSM.
    This goes back for centurys, the Ameritard back yard, right.
    I dont bother to go further but I guess you get the direction, and I always use United Fruit as an ex. since its some years old and is more, how to say it, known, incl death squads, etc, etc all backed by your Gov and military, exactly as we see on the attacks on Venezuela.

    The thing is, ameritards, the enemys is right there, in the MSM, and even when this reasent deaths is due to other factores and have zip to do with even Trump, its the NGOs and the MSM you need to burn down.
    The bilions sucked out of your nations blood, in europa, they claim we need them, even when some countrys had an massive youth unemployment, the claim its good for our country and economy, that, ameritards is an flat out lie.
    Why do we even bother to explain when the MSM never the less lies about everything, we should have them hel acountable, along with the NGOs and their investores like Sore-ass & Co, and quarted, that, is our problem, to kill of the scam and hunt down the NGOs.
    This, ameritards is an willed invasion steared into this by somebody, follow the mooney, and you have the answer.
    I dont apologize, I dont even give an rats ass if they claim I am an racist, an Nazi, an nationalist., white trash, to facists, I really dont care, because I know they are guided by an agenda, and when the Gov in countrys like Norway is behind this trafficing( Batory fundation, is one of them, aka Sore-ass and equals)
    They have the police and legislative force behind them, but again, the political scums do what they are told to do thru our MSM.

    wake up


  7. Gator's lives matter. . . . .bet them gators would prolly like a lil polk salad to go along with their mexican food.

  8. The two legged critters are often the most dangerous.

    It's appalling that people will blame President Trump for the actions of people that are making a very hazardous journey, often with small children, to commit a crime in another country. Some of these same people create a scene when those people are caught committing the crime and are detained at a facility that doesn't compare with nice hotel. Again, subjecting their young children to a bad scenario.

    The legislative branch is given the power to make, change and delete laws. The President, head of the Executive branch, is partially tasked with enforcing those laws. So far, the "legislators" haven't gone as far as formally legalizing unlimited immigration. Chances are that a move like that would have them out of office and subject to pointed and credible threats. Their move has been to try and shame the US population into believing that it's bad to turn these refugees away and maybe go as far as getting people to demand the end of "legal" immigration and just open the flood gates.

    Many people coming up from the south aren't coming here to be US citizens and assimilate into American culture. They are coming here to enjoy the benefits of being in the US and leaving their hearts and allegiance in their home country. That's not beneficial to the USA.

  9. Crocs eat hippos...alligators don't go after stuff THAT big...but crocs do....

  10. I like what you say but your spelling needs a lot to be desired LOL!!!!!

  11. They already have legalized unlimited invasion when they do absolutely nothing about it and continually block the wall building....

  12. Florida's crawling with them....why not fly a nice bunch over to stock the Rio Grande with????

  13. A huge problem which is so easily fixed. To discourage illegal immigration, stop paying for it. Announce the US can no longer afford to be the world's soup kitchen and phase out "free" services to anyone who is not a legal resident. No more free food, housing, school, or medical care for illegal "guests". Able-bodied people in detainment centers will be put to work to earn their keep until they can be processed home. The tens of millions already living the welfare dream will be required to pay the actual cost for services received or be processed home. African and Middle Eastern folks showing up on the Mexico/US border will be handled as foreign combatants. Offer free or low-cost shuttle bus services from major US cities to Mexico and points south. This program would cost a small fraction of the current 'catch and release' lunacy, and most likely completely eliminate the need for a wall. Does Canada have a wall? How about Russia?

  14. As a rule alligators don't go after people. They do but not that's the crocs you have to be afraid of....they can take down hippos you know...