Ilhan Omar Dances To Celebrate Trying To Force Even More Burden on Taxpayers

Nothing in life is free, unless, of course, you’re one of those economically ignorant folks who believes the absurd notion that the government can “give away” anything.
It cannot.
Let me repeat that. The government cannot give away anything for free.
However, the lie that it can is one of the biggest deceptions the left has ever told the American people.
I honestly think leftist lawmakers are starting to believe their own false advertising.
So when the American public hears this talk about canceling school debt, they do not need to think about it in terms of a benevolent and generous free handout.
Rather, they need to see it for what it is — forcing group A to pay for group B’s financial decisions.
Group A in this non-hypothetical is the American taxpaying public. These are the people who looked at the bottom line of their 1040 form, wrote a check and sent it in.
Group B believes someone can wave a magic wand and unicorns will fly in and take their debt away. Or something like that.
Right about now, you must be asking if anyone who doesn’t live in a fantasy world actually believes such nonsense.
Let me introduce you to Ilhan Omar.
She’s a peddler of fanciful nonsense and anti-Semitic ignorance. She also happens to be a U.S. congresswoman representing Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.
Omar is trying to sell the public on the wonders of giving away free stuff, er, I mean, she’s a vocal advocate for canceling school debt.
Right about now, you must be thinking: “How does that work? Surely, she doesn’t want to just pay off people’s loans with other peoples’ tax dollars? That would be stupid as heck, so please tell me, Ilhan, is it more than that?”
“Rep. Omar’s Student Debt Cancellation Act, would cancel all outstanding student debt,” the progressive website Common Dreams reported Monday.
I wanted to cite a lefty source so you can see the truth about the act in full-stupid mode.
“That’s a $1.6 trillion burden affecting more than 45 million people,” Common Dreams added.
“This bill will benefit people in all demographic groups, communities, and walks of life.”
Except, of course, for the millions of taxpayers who get robbed to pay for it. This legislation doesn’t exactly benefit them.
But don’t go away — there is more smoke in that genie’s lamp.
“The reform package also includes [Vermont independent] Sen. [Bernie] Sanders’ College for All Act, which provides tuition-free higher education to every qualified American without any additional work requirements, restrictions, or tests for family financial eligibility,” Common Dreams told its readers.
Free college! Magic debt removal!
Why haven’t we thought of this before?! It’s so simple!!!
Omar, for her part, was so pleased with her plan that she decided to do a happy dance:
But the ignorance of Omar’s plan — and a similar proposal by Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren — is that it denies economic realities we already know to be true.
According to personal finance expert Robert Farrington, writing in Forbes, “Even Elizabeth Warren admits her plans would cost $1.2 trillion over ten years — a tab taxpayers are expected to handle on top of everything else.”
Warren’s plan would also place a 2 percent annual tax on the 75,000 families in the U.S. who are worth $50 million or more.
But the burden, as immoral as it is, isn’t limited to only the wealthy taxpayers.
“Those who have been paying attention already know how that’s going to work out,” Farrington wrote.
“The original plan is to tax other people for giant entitlement programs and new initiatives, but everything costs more than people think, and those costs trickle down to hit everyone if you give them enough time.”
(Farrington has also listed five moral and economic problems with school debt cancellation programs, and I encourage you to check his piece out if you want a deeper dive into the topic.)
But arguments like “it won’t work,” “it’s immoral” or “it robs the American taxpayer” aren’t persuasive to the entitlement-obsessed left.
So Rep. Omar will dance in the hallway, play a tune on her pipe and hope the American voters follow her out of a place of reasonableness and wisdom, and into a fictional land of free stuff for all.
I pray she is unsuccessful.
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