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Christian Hate-Preacher: Gay People Are Selfish Pedophiles Who Must Be Killed

Over the weekend,  Hate-Pastor Joe Major  of Louisiana’s Faith Baptist Church gave a guest sermon at the Philippines church of  Hate-Pasto...

Over the weekend, Hate-Pastor Joe Major of Louisiana’s Faith Baptist Church gave a guest sermon at the Philippines church of Hate-Pastor Logan Robertson. You’ll never guess what Major talked about. (Hate. It’s hate.)
In a sermon titled “Make The World Straight Again,” Major told the raucous crowd about how all homosexuals were inherently pedophiles and that’s why they deserved to be executed.
… Know why God gives the commandment for sodomites/homosexuals to be put to death out of love for you and I? Because they’re backbiters. Because they’re whisperers. Because they are unmerciful. Because they are implacable, the Bible says. Because they don’t care anything about anybody else.
All they care about is themselves, and fulfilling the flesh, and they will do whatever they want to, whatever they have to, to fulfill the lust of their flesh, and they don’t care if they destroy your life. They don’t care if they destroy the life of some child by molesting that child and being a pedophile. They don’t care if they destroy that person. And therefore, God says to put them to death out of love for the victim!
See? Christianity is a religion of love. Even if that love means killing people for fictional crimes.
He also gave a Bible-based explanation for why gay people deserved to die… and claimed that gay people were really out to destroy Christians (which I assure you is not part of any Gay Agenda).
… The Bible says that these that would commit this kind of a sin, of sodomy, homosexuality, that they are worthy of death. And that’s not just Old Testament. That’s in the New Testament that we just read that there. And the Bible says that they are worthy of death.
Why are they worthy of death? Well, the Bible makes it plain in the Book of Leviticus, in Chapter number 20 and verse number 13, it says that those that would commit that sin, it says they should be put to death, and it says their blood shall be upon their own head.
Because the sodomites are filthy wicked people that would love nothing more than to destroy and wipe out every Christian on the face of this planet.
Later in the sermon, he blames gay people for having and spreading sexually transmitted diseases and makes this bizarre claim:
… Let’s say I had a disease that was highly contagious. Do you think I would be here with you this morning? No. You know what I would do if I had a disease that was highly contagious, because I love people? I would be quarantined in my room staying away from people, because I don’t want to give you that disease.
He has a very real disease that is poisoning minds. Far from locking himself in a room to protect everyone, he’s traveling abroad and spreading this faith-based mental virus that breeds hatred and bigotry in the name of his God. That is far more dangerous that a disease people could contract only through sexual intercourse.
Major, like Robertson, is part of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist cult. Their primary selling point is loud, proud, confident hate against LGBTQ people. And then, every now and then, they name-check Jesus before returning to their regularly scheduled programming.
If you thought the hate began and ended with that conference in Florida over the weekend, you are sadly mistaken.



  2. If fanatical religious people had their their way it would be a lonely existence. Hardly anyone would be alive.