Transgender woman sues McDonald's for discrimination; claims incorrect pronouns used

A Mississippi transgender woman is suing McDonald's and local franchise owners for repeated discrimination, the Clarion Ledger reported.

McDonald's franchise owners Elizabeth and Andrew Smith hired Joselyn Kelly as an area supervisor for multiple McDonald's restaurants across northern Mississippi on Jan. 4 with an anticipated start date of Jan. 8, the paper said, citing court documents.
The suit said Kelly told the Smiths on Jan. 7 that she is transgender, the Ledger reported.

What allegedly happened next?

Shortly after Kelly began working, the Smiths "either directly or through their other employees began to discriminate against Joselyn," the paper said, citing the suit.
The Ledger noted the following examples from the lawsuit of the alleged discrimination:
  • Refusing to use preferred pronouns to address Kelly (using "he" or "him" rather than "she or "her");
  • Addressing Kelly as "it" and using a slur;
  • Stating that "transgenders" are an abomination;
  • Mockingly calling Kelly "Juwanna Man," in reference to the movie "Juwanna Mann" featuring an male basketball player who's kicked out the NBA and then impersonates a female so he can play in a women's league;
  • Assigning menial tasks to Kelly that only entry-level employees perform.
The actions were so traumatizing that Kelly was "forced to resign," the paper said, citing the suit.

Kelly filed a discrimination charge against the Smiths with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Ledger reported, and the EEOC on March 20 issued a notice of Kelly's right to sue. The suit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, the paper said.

What does the plaintiff want?

Kelly is seeking compensatory damages, costs, including reasonable attorney's fees and any other equitable relief the court deems appropriate, the Ledger reported, adding that Kelly also is requesting a jury trial.

What did McDonald's and the franchise owners say?

McDonald's did not respond to an emailed request for comment, the paper said, adding that the Smiths couldn't immediately be reached for comment. The Ledger also said Kelly's attorney, Charles Burchfield, couldn't immediately be reached for comment.
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  1. ....sounds like a set up to me. Wait until after you are hired, and a day before starting work to tell your new employer such a thing. But it doesn't change the reality of the situation, and if the actions taken as described are accurate....(he) she has a case. You have to be very careful in this day and age, as once a person applies or is in the workplace, there is a legal minefield that managers must wade into everyday, and watch everything they say or do, as well as their employee's actions. As a Manager, you have to treat every complaint as valid, until it is investigated and adjudicated in the workplace. That way, if they do file claims through a 3rd party, you have all the documentation of having worked the issue seriously, even if it didn't come out in the employee's favor.
    RJ O'Guillory

  2. the I'm so offended snowflakes with their I'm so special crap has gotten old and boring!!!!.

  3. These freaks of Nature should learn to get over it IF they Ever want to get any acceptance in society.
    They could make a joke about it and get along, But no they gotta play the I am so special crap and
    make everybody miserable so they can feel good.
    In Nature birds that cannot fly, Oh well.

  4. How is it possible to sue anyone or any company simply for not using the correct pronoun as conceived by very confused and sometimes mentally ill people? You may not like a pronoun i use in your brainwashed mind, but sue over it?!? What utter nonsense.

  5. attorney's,. evil wordsmiths bastardizing the language and attempting to legitimize their insane clients

  6. penis male, vagina female, transgenders go fuck themselves. literally

  7. This is what the extortionist lawyers have done to us.

  8. the psycho freak has no cause of action, no palpable injury, it's just upset that the world won't live by the freaks imposed belief..

    On it's job application, what did it write down/mark as it's gender? Isn't making a false statement on an application that you sign under penalty of perjury, A CRIME??? at the very least, its grounds for dismissal "presuming that there was not a perjury statement requirement"

  9. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Can't a person speak their mind anymore? Guess not when it comes to faggots who think they are "special"......ugh.


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