Kamala Harris Proudly Proclaims ‘I Am a Gun-Owner’ Before Launching Typical Leftist Attack on Guns

Sen. Kamala Harris is a gun owner. She has that right under the Second Amendment. She also thinks that the Second Amendment is a pretty fungible thing.
Harris has been one of the loudest champions of banning so-called “assault weapons” and instituting universal background checks. However, she too is a gun owner — which is why she thinks that firearms ought to be regulated. Or something.
“I am a gun owner, and I own a gun for probably the reason a lot of people do — for personal safety,” the California senator and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate said, according to CNN. “I was a career prosecutor.”
Harris made the comments at a Des Moines, Iowa, town hall where members of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America — an awkwardly named gun-control group AstroTurfed with Michael Bloomberg’s money — had come out in significant numbers, so you can probably guess where this went from there.
“We are being offered a false choice,” the senator told reporters. 
“You’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away. It’s a false choice that is born out of a lack of courage from leaders who must recognize and agree that there are some practical solutions to what is a clear problem in our country.”
This is the common rhetorical tactic from the left: They don’t want your guns, they just want “practical” or “common-sense” solutions to the gun problem that the evil minions of the National Rifle Association and their bought politicians won’t give you. So, what are these practical solutions?
Well, of course, there’s banning so-called “assault rifles,” a type of gun which was banned for 10 years in the United States. As the NRA points out, a 2004 federally funded study concluded “the ban’s effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement.”
They’re now a hot topic because the AR-15 is a favorite weapon among mass shooters despite the fact that, in a soft target where there isn’t any armed opposition, virtually any gun in the hands of a trained individual would inflict the same amount of damage. 
Then there’s the universal background checks provision, something that sounds promising until you realize that inmates have said the most common source from which they obtained firearms was the “off the street/underground market,” described as “Illegal sources of firearms that include markets for stolen goods, middlemen for stolen goods, criminals or criminal enterprises, or individuals or groups involved in sales of illegal drugs.”
According to the NRA, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives reported that when it comes to federally convicted career criminals, “79 percent had acquired their firearms from ‘off the street’ sales, ‘criminal acts,’ and relatives.”
By the way, Harris’ support for gun control goes beyond that. She’s also a co-sponsor of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban of 2019, a bill that would ban “high-capacity magazines.” That’s defined as any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, a number which gun-control advocates seemed to have arrived at because it’s nice and round and everyone can remember it.
The problem is that a similar ban from Feinstein and Harris’ home state of California has been struck down by a judge, who noted that “the size limit (on magazines) directly impairs one’s ability to defend one’s self” and that “unless a law-abiding individual has a firearm for his or her own defense, the police typically arrive after it is too late.” That case, observers expect, will end up before the Supreme Court.
Her reason for backing all of these gun control measures, at least according to one eye-rollingly bad part of Harris’ January CNN town hall, is that she’s seen the results of gun violence firsthand, and if Republicans saw it, they would drop their defense of gun rights and come over to her position immediately. Her way of getting this done was locking members of the GOP in a room with photographs of the dead victims of the 2012 Newtown massacre, which is in no way condescending or dismissive of their positions on the Second Amendment. 
“I think somebody should have required all those members of Congress to go in a room, in a locked room, no press, nobody else, and look at the autopsy photographs of those babies,” Harris said. “And then you vote your conscience.”
Of course, your conscience could reasonably come to the position that someone with a gun could have used it for self-defense and prevented all of those children from being killed. After all, the primary reason behind campus carry is that well-trained teachers could use firearms for personal safety.
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  1. Harris is symptom of a dead country, where the slothful tolerate those who destroy countries.

  2. In boot camp you had to sleep with your rifle if you mistreated it. Perhaps Harris could learn to love an AR-15 by putting in a little sleep time with it; hey it cannot be harder than sleeping with Willie.


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