‘The Devil is in the DETAILS!’ Cam Edwards takes AOC and her gun-grabbing tweet apart point by point in EPIC thread

The most annoying thing about people and legislators who want to take away our right to own a firearm is that they are so uninformed about the laws already on the books. If they spent even half the amount of time reading the law as they do on writing silly tweets showing they don’t really know the law they’d spare themselves so much embarrassment.
But folks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez live for the embarrassment, or at least that’s our assumption since she’s so GOOD at embarrassing herself.
You know, instead of training children, teachers, houses of faith, & concertgoers to prep for being shot, we could just:

-Pass Universal Background checks (!)
-Disarm domestic abusers
-Mandate safe storage
-Ban bump stocks, semiautos, & high cap mags designed to kill people

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You know, it’s clear that like, AOC doesn’t really like, know anything about gun laws in this country and stuff.
Cam Edwards was more than happy to set her straight.
The studies author says it's because of a "lack of enforcement", but it's not a lack of enforcement, it's the fact that without a national firearms registry, there's no real way TO enforce it. So, do you want a national firearms registry too?


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As for safe storage laws, you run into several issues. Leaving the constitutionality aside for a bit, I see two challenges here.

1st, safe storage laws are impossible to proactively enforce, unless you're calling for random home inspections of gun owners. Are you?


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Many states have safe storage laws, but "safe storage" may be defined differently. As I said earlier, the devil's in the details. So how would you define "safe storage" in the federal code, and would violating the law be a misdemeanor or felony offense?


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If AOC spends any time at all reading this she will absolutely understand why no one is taking her seriously on gun laws. But we all know she’ll either ignore it or pretend that it’s somehow sexist or racist of Cam to set her straight.
She’s nothing if not predictable.
You know, instead of infringing on the inherent rights of law abiding citizens, Congress could really get to work on cutting spending, reducing the deficit, and reducing gov’t intrusion into our lives.
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Better yet, we should just make murder illegal.
Oh, wait.
It's nice you can repeat all the anti second amendment talking points. But maybe first you should know something about firearms. And you should reread the Constitution.
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Unless there is a firearm registry UBC are useless and have the same if not worst issues then NICS. (Registry is also illegal)
Domestic abusers are already prohibited possessors.
Mandated safe storage is unconstitutional (See Heller)
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Oh, about that.
That too.
Or arm teachers that want to be armed. Simple solution that doesn’t require any new laws.
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Of course that not a single one of these measures would have actually prevented a single mass shooting.
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But she has an agenda to push, dangit!
Hey, AOC, you are pretty popular right now, but you really are sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Dems are campaigning for 2020 to save our democracy. Do You think you could do us all a favor and step back for a little while. This is not about you. Take a back seat please.
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Hey, they said please.
How is safe storage going to help me to defend my family?? Explain that to me when you have a security team looking out for your safety all the time now ???
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The 2A does not allow the gov to place restrictions. In fact it prevents it. Nowhere in the 2A, or after "the right to keep and bear arms", or "shall not be infringed" does the word except appear.
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I want to support you because of your social policies, but you are being so intellectually dishonest and divisive acting like Trump on this issue. As a supporter of the SRA and progressive policies I will not comply if you were to push these things through with nuance.
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Even her own ‘side’ is asking her to chill out.
“Mandate safe storage”. Someone hasn’t read Heller. Go read it. I’ll wait.
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Semi autos are literally 90% of weapons, including most all handguns. Read a book.
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Or you know, just read the Constitution.

That works too.
‘The Devil is in the DETAILS!’ Cam Edwards takes AOC and her gun-grabbing tweet apart point by point in EPIC thread ‘The Devil is in the DETAILS!’ Cam Edwards takes AOC and her gun-grabbing tweet apart point by point in EPIC thread Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 10:36 Rating: 5

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