School refuses to give girls 5 days off while mum has life-saving heart surgery

A mum claims her daughters' primary school would not allow them five days off while she undergoes and recovers from a life-saving heart operation.
Emma Payne said she was left stunned and feeling let down when she found out her girls - Charlotte, 10, and Sophie, eight - had to remain in school or else she would be fined for taking them out.
The 37-year-old wants her daughters to be at her bedside with her husband Mark while she is in hospital, as no-one will be home to care for them.
The mum, from Burnley, Lancs, had asked St Augustine of Canterbury Primary School to allow both her daughters to have five days' leave.
Emma Payne with her two daughters, Charlotte and Sophie 

She had hoped they would only need between two and three days if the upcoming operation at Newcastle Freeman Hospital goes well.
If the operation is not a success, Mrs Payne, who runs Emma's Newsagents in Burnley, will need open heart surgery and that will keep her in hospital for five days.
The surgery can only take place during term-time as it is the only time a specialist from London can lead the keyhole procedure.
In a letter, the school explained it had only authorised two days' absence and would not allow five days due to Charlotte's standard attainment tests (SATs) exams in May.
St Augustine of Canterbury Primary School refused to give her daughters up to five days out of school to be by her bedside 

This leaves Mrs Payne facing fines and going to court, she said.
She said: "I'm not requesting the time for a holiday or because I've got a broken nail, I'm having surgery to save my life.
"My husband, Mark, will take me up to the hospital for the operation on the Tuesday and will be with me, no one else can look after my children and they want to be close to me.
"I requested they have work brought up with them for them so they aren't sitting around doing nothing, but the school have just said no to the five days.
"I'm hoping they will be back in school by the Thursday, but if the operation doesn't work I will have to have open heart surgery, another risky procedure, and be up there for a few more days."
The mother-of-two had two major heart operations in 2006 and 2017.
Emma, who needs vital surgery, is pictured with her husband Mark 
Her upcoming operation, a pulmonary valve replacement, has only been done 20 times at the hospital, Mrs Payne said.
The six-hour procedure involves keyhole surgery through an incision in her leg.
She said: "I'm frustrated with the school because they're using the tests, which aren't for another two months, against me and are more concerned about their Ofsted results.
"My previous appointments have all managed to be away from term time but this operation has to be when the surgeon can perform it."
"The children know that I'm undergoing a tough operation and they want to be close to me."
Sinead Colbeck, headteacher at St. Augustine's RC Primary School, said: "We cannot comment on individual cases.
"Even though we work in line with government guidelines which make it clear that absence can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances, we speak with the families concerned each time to make sure that the reasons are totally understood so that every decision is appropriate.
"We give careful consideration to each request and review on an ongoing basis."
County Cllr Susie Charles, cabinet member for children, young people and schools, said: "It would be inappropriate to comment on individual cases however schools have a very clear policy, based on government guidance, regarding the authorisation of leave.
"The decision to authorise absence or not rests with the headteacher of the particular school.
"Schools work closely with parents to understand the reasons for the request.
"Each request is always taken on its merits.
"School attendance is given high priority in Lancashire schools and rightly so, as every day counts in each pupil's education.
"However our aim throughout is not to punish parents but to ensure that children and young people attend school and receive a good education."
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