Marathon champion says women's sports should be protected from transgender athletes — activists go on the attack (3 Pics)

 Paula Radcliffe, the fastest women's marathon runner in history, spoke out against transgender athletes competing in elite women's sports and was attacked by transgender activists on social media for her opinion.

She was speaking on BBC Radio when she made the comments comparing transgender athletes to "normal" athletes.

"Actually transitioning is a choice," she explained. "Whereas an intersex athlete, it's just the way they were born, they haven't chosen for their body to be producing more testosterone, they haven't chosen for it to be like this.

"And they're not cheating in any way," Radcliffe continued, "and it's really difficult, because the levels of testosterone mean that it's essentially not fair competition with the females with normal levels of testosterone."

Radcliffe was careful to motion for air quotes when she said "normal" but she was still attacked later for using the phrase as a distinction.

"But they haven't chosen to make that change which is what is happening in transgendered," she continued, "because they should be in male sport. And if they have chosen to transition then they are asking to compete in female sport."

Earlier in the conversation she also clarified that she was speaking about elite sports competitions.

"Probably hundreds of transgenders want to take part in sport for all of the benefits it brings," Radcliffe said, "and all we're saying is, that's fine, but not elite sports because elite sports, that female section of elite sports has to protect, so that females can genuinely reach the top of it."

She was excoriated on social media by transgender activists and others who were angered by her comments:

Radcliffe, who is retired, said that she was going to stand up and say what she thinks regardless of the blowback because she wants her daughter to be able to compete in sports against fair competition.

Here's the video of Radcliffe's comments:

Marathon champion says women's sports should be protected from transgender athletes — activists go on the attack (3 Pics) Marathon champion says women's sports should be protected from transgender athletes — activists go on the attack (3 Pics) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 06:53 Rating: 5


  1. A person born with an XY chromosome will always have it regardless of how they mutilate their genitalia.
    For people to enable the delusion of these people by pretending they really have changed sex is cruel.
    When a "trans" who is an amateur in a sport with little training, can go in and decimate the top tier of any women's sport, it should be a wakeup call that something is seriously amiss. This is happening over and over throughout women's sports. It's not fair to the females that train for years only to go up against a guy who last year decided he was a female, took some estrogen and then wipes out the entire field of women competing against him. It's a joke and the sooner we can acknowledge this, the fewer women are hurt by this absurdity.

  2. Simple, All are DNA tested and you can only compete like with like.

  3. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

  4. set up 3rd category for transgender sporting events

  5. Obviously these coddled and confused mental cases should be referred to a reality specialist.

  6. No sane person dissagrees with this women athlets, and of course, this is unfair for the women, makes one wounder where the hell is the femiNazis, huh, what PC-coated tube of reality did this stupid caricatures of feminism, and womanhood, and it all boils down to what circulates inbetween this mens ears, nothing else, because biologiacly, even if I chopped of the weenee, sawed on tits, even risied their whatever level, another stupid belife, will never ever change the facts, chemically altered or not, if you where born with an dick, inverted of not, you have been picked, wave a dick or not, incl women.

    Then we come to what is it, its all based upon perseptions, they may feel, whatever they like, I dont care, because it never alters the fundamental fact, they are men, period.
    Yeah, I even know one transe, nice fellow, in fact, more eh...... normal than most, incl gays, but He have one disadvantage, he thinks He is an woman, and then to watch the same ugh...... girl come walking along with the full galore of makup and a 4 day baird, what the f.... is then the problem of you/I miss pronounce their so called sex. or whatever they must feel at any given time, to be a bitch or not to be an bitch. yeah, the only sane answer is bend down and look.

    This is insane PC-infested alternate reality have morphed and gone political, and this wtisted reality is then spoon feed thru an MSM witch we all know have an agenda, and all this imporves nothing, changes nothing, its just an emotional missile, made belivable thru an unbelivable high level of Drivel Depleted weaponized stupidity in broad daylight and we are suposedly forced to act acoridngly to an little klick of people whom is mentaly disturbed, that, is the fact, that is what they are, and to force this sherade to continue under an umbrella of anti- whatever is making the hole issue even dumber, its amazing its even alowed to happen, just throw this people out, what is the problem, us or them, women, grow some balls, be the bitch and kick ass, just ram em down.
    WE are all with you on this.

    And for the love og God, I dont hate anyone, if I hate anyone its more into the realms of politicians, byroCrauts, etc, and of course another unversal truth, assh..... are everywhere, but why on earth with I then have anything at all against an person whom thinks He is something else, like Transes, but to then force them into this, have nothing to do with rights in any way or form, its an stupid political game, and should be dropped by all parts, incl the Transes them self, its not an good thing, this will lead only to more missery and pain as its isnt enough from before, this is going to hurt them more than Me or the Women.
    Please be sane, behave as adults at least.


  7. Maybe sports need "men's" "women's" "other"?


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