James Woods Completely Owns Democrat Over Her Ignorant Anti-Gun Statement

1/ I had an opportunity to fire a fully automatic M16 assault rifle today under professional instruction. This is the same weapon US Armed Forces use.

The experience made me feel even more strongly there is no reason for a civilian to have access to this weapon, or one like it.
2/ For starters, growing up in the South, I took an NRA safety class as a teenager. I spent many an afternoon as a kid in target practice.

But this assault rifle is a different beast. It would take A MINIMUM of 30-40 hours of professional instruction to learn to operate safely.
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3/ It shoots a 5.56 mm bullet. You can feel the wind of it firing three feet behind the shooter. The gun is very difficult to control.

I’ve seen these fired thousands of times in games and movies. In real life you understand the devastation even being grazed would cause.
4/ These guns belong in the hands of soldiers who have been trained. They do not belong in the hands of civilians.

There is no reason someone would need this to defend their home.
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James Woods Completely Owns Democrat Over Her Ignorant Anti-Gun Statement James Woods Completely Owns Democrat Over Her Ignorant Anti-Gun Statement Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 09:23 Rating: 5


  1. no one is going to take your legal guns away.

  2. Ya... they will just make them illegal first!

  3. Quiet leftist. Btw, banning FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLES is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  4. did you, a self proclaimed 'bong ripper' just accuse me of being some kind of 'leftist'?
    son, i have fired a good half dozen 'bong rippers' simply because their bong ripping proclivities have jeopardized not only my capitalist business but the public at large as well. anyway, the good pot is pretty much legal in most states now so you just keep ripping that bong and i will keep keep refusing to hire yall pot heads.

  5. I'm going for the answer that she is lying and doesn't know what she is talking about.

  6. "Difficult to control"? She says this about a weapon which is famous above all for being easy to control? I guess this is how weak someone gets when they spend all their time playing video games. Maybe her instructor should have spent 30-40 hours telling her "fire in short bursts" and she would have gotten it.

  7. Maybe we should ban Anti constitutional political hopefuls?


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