‘History and reality are unimportant?’ AOC’s pride in her own ignorance is pretty scary

We spend a lot of time here mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her staggering ignorance on, well, just about everything. But underneath her ignorance lurks something more sinister: the potential to do serious, long-term damage.
Charlotte Alter, who wrote TIME’s new cover story on AOC, tweeted this:
In order to understand @aoc, you have to look at what she experienced— and what she didn’t. Red Scare, Reaganomics & prosperous 90s were all before her time. Her adulthood was defined by financial crisis, debt & climate change. No wonder she and her peers are moving left

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While it may not be the point Alter is trying to make, AOC and her minions’ desire to send the U.S. hurtling leftward is indeed born of historical illiteracy.
And AOC is full-on embracing that historical illiteracy:

Aside from the fact that AOC is, as usual, disingenuously suggesting that her “story” is one of suffering under American policies:
Her B.S. also contains an element of truth: Historically ignorant young people like her are champing at the bit to take this country in a scary direction because they’ve chosen to not know any better.
Socialist path you have chosen will definitely destroy everything for ur generation. A true shame that u have no concept and or idea as to what u promote. Sad that u and ur generation will come to realize that socialism is wrong. However, it would b too late once freedom is lost.
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Fortunately, not every member of AOC’s generation has swallowed the socialist pill. Our best chance to combat the policies AOC and her ilk are advocating for is to make sure the rest of her generation isn’t nearly as willing as she is to pretend history never happened.
Problem is: past history is ignored in education and we need to learn from past in order to go forward and not make same mistakes.
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Let’s pray that you do “mature” and become wiser with more real world experiences. If so, there is a hope that our currently free society and wisdoms based Constitutional government may survive.
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