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Everyone Knows That Biological Males Don't Belong In Women's Sports. So Why Are We Allowing It To Happen?

The upcoming NCAA women's track and field championships will feature an impressive competitor. CeCe Telfer has been dominating the c...

The upcoming NCAA women's track and field championships will feature an impressive competitor. CeCe Telfer has been dominating the circuit, achieving the fastest time of the year in the 200-meter dash and a third place ranking nationwide in the hurdles. The only problem is that CeCe Telfer is a dude.

Telfer, in fact, is a dude who identified as a dude until just now. It wasn't until his senior year that he had his epiphany, realizing that he has been a girl all this time, and making the heroic decision to leave the men's league and instead compete against a field of athletes who happen to have 20% less muscle mass in their legs, as well as smaller fast-twitch muscle fibers, smaller lungs, smaller hearts, shorter legs, much more estrogen and much less testosterone, and a smaller capacity to produce oxygen when they exert themselves. Courageously, Mr. Telfer has chosen to race against people who have literally dozens of immutable biological disadvantages in comparison to himself.

He is certainly not alone in making this switch. Just last week, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, both dudes, finished first and second in the 55-meter dash at the women's state indoor track and field championships in Connecticut. Mr. Miller also grabbed first in the 300-meter. To give you an idea as to the fundamental unfairness of this situation, Mr. Miller won the gold with a 38.9. Second place was a full second behind him – a near eternity in track time. But if Mr. Miller had raced against his biological compatriots, he would have been two seconds behind the guy who finished in 25th place. To reiterate: his "winning" time against the girls would have put him far outside the top 25 in the men's field. The worst guy on the men's track team can instantly become the best on the girl's team.
Because of Miller and Yearwood's cheating tactics, the first-place biological female was pushed back to third, her gold medal magically transforming to a bronze in much the same way that Mr. Yearwood and Mr. Miller magically transformed into women. The 6th place biological female, Selina Soule, was pushed to 8th, which is significant because it deprived her of the chance to compete in front of college coaches and scouts. Selina was on Fox News a couple of nights ago expressing her disappointment.
Watch the clip. It's disturbing on a number of levels. You'll notice how Selina is forced to pretend that she's "happy" for the two men who cheated her out of her rightful 6th place finish. Even in registering her protest, she couches her views in transgender-approving rhetoric. She is afraid to say how she really feels. And who can blame her for that apprehension? Martina Navratilova is a legend of women's tennis, and an openly gay advocate for gay rights, yet she was shunned by the Left and kicked our of her position in a gay advocacy group for making the supremely logical point that men shouldn't be allowed to compete against women in tennis. If legendary female athletes cannot even state the obvious with regard to this issue, what is a high-school girl supposed to do? Women not only have to watch their sports be invaded and undermined by gender-confused men, they are forced to observe in silence and acquiescence. Any whispered protest will be swiftly punished.
I can't blame high school girls for cooperating with this madness. They are literally given no choice (so much for the whole pro-choice bit). But what are the rest of us doing? I conducted a poll on Twitter last night, asking whether biological males should be allowed in women's sports. There were nearly 30,000 responses as of this writing. A full 97% were against. Now, obviously, most of my followers skew conservative so these results are hardly scientific. Still, I could not get a near unanimous consensus on any other issue. Abortion, immigration, gun rights, taxes, gay marriage — I'd be lucky to hit 60% on any of those topics.
You can conduct your own anecdotal survey. Just read the comment section under any article about a biological male beating a bunch of girls at a sporting event. Every comment, or close to every comment, is certain to be profoundly against. Better yet, ask your friends and neighbors what they think. See if you can find one single person in real life who thinks it's a good idea for the Terry Millers of the world to compete against the Selina Soules. Only the most radical, the most deluded, the most scientifically illiterate and ideologically blinded people agree with this practice. Yet it is happening across the country. Why?
It's easy to point out that, although almost every normal person thinks it's lunacy to let biological males into women's sports, it just so happens that the radical minority controls academia, the media, Hollywood, and approximately one-half of Congress. They do not have numbers on their side, but they have influence and power. That's true, but it is an incomplete explanation. The fact is that this transgender madness has infiltrated our schools and our sports leagues because we, the normal people, have allowed it. We do not have to allow it. We could put an end to it rather quickly, but many of us are too afraid of the "bigot" and "transphobe" label to do what needs to be done.
Here's one thing we could do: every parent with a real biological daughter could pull their kids from any team or league that allows male participants. The moment a man walks onto the field, or the court, or the wrestling mat, the female competitors should take a seat — or even a knee, to co-opt a symbol — and refuse to participate. It's not a real competition anyway. The thing becomes a farce as soon as the male infiltrators show up. If the girls treated it as a farce, and declined to go along with it (they would need the support and encouragement of their parents for this), eventually the offending schools and leagues would have to choose between the official end of women's sports or an official restoration of women's sports. Perhaps they choose the former, but I doubt it. Not if every parent is loudly demanding the latter.
This is one cultural war — an important one, in my mind — that the sane and normal side can rather easily win. The numbers are just too overwhelmingly in our favor, the rightness of our position is just too incontrovertibly clear. But we have to be willing to speak up and perhaps take some action. They'll call us "transphobes" and "bigots," because that is the only argument they have available to them, but who cares? If it is "transphobia" to believe in biology and common sense, so be it. I will wear the label with pride. So should you.


  1. well i have an idea; put these fools in a ring with my daughter, who is a serious karate instructor.
    girl power you freakin queer-baits!

  2. The angels were impressed how God created woman from man and for man. They showed their excitement by stating, "WOE MAN!" hence the name woman.

  3. "We" did not allow this to happen. Women allowed this to happen with the idea that anyone who is not a woman cannot comment on certain issues because who you are matters more than the logic of what you say. Enjoy the fruits of your own idiocy. Don't you dare come asking for my help after I was demonized for warning you.

    Next time when someone says something that is true but you are too lazy to actually to engage in logical debate, you might think twice before saying it is only wrong because it comes from a man.

  4. Stop competing with this thing, let it run alone. Also stop showing up to attend any and all events that allow this and soon this crap will end. When you hurt the wallets of those that push the agenda, you make changes.

  5. so how many girls to men go on to compete with the men? ZERO. because they can't compete. men to girls is all you hear about for a reason. remember renee richards? basically a club player who in 'her" late 40's still managed to break into the womens top ten in pro tennis. it's a stupid argument.

  6. It's happening because these retarded liberals think that some guy thinking he's a woman is normal and not a psychological affliction. Then they think it's OK for these men to hang out in women's bathrooms, changing rooms and compete with them in sports. It's a frickin sickness, not a normal mental state. The sooner you get these people help and quit enabling their delusions the better for them. How long is it going to take for these libtards to figure this out?

  7. PROBLEM: transgender (biological male) men competing in women's sporting events.

    REACTION: the major majority is profoundly against it.

    SOLUTION: female athletes refuse to participate and/or transgender compete against one another.

    Note: many are afraid to speak up and risk being labeled anti-semitic, I mean a bigot. A defamation tactic and trick to put down dissenters.

  8. Because if we can't make fun of them it's the next best thing...

  9. Because the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.
    Heeeey, wait a second..