Elderly woman sues Walmart after another customer hit her with motorized shopping cart

An 85-year-old South Dakota woman has sued Walmart after another customer hit her with a motorized shopping cart and sent her to the hospital. 
Versella Grasz was hit by another customer who was driving a scooter around a Sioux Falls store in 2017, which her lawsuit says caused “serious injury and extreme pain,” according to The Argus Leader. The lawsuit claims the other customer “clearly” didn’t know how to stop the motorized cart, and accuses Walmart of being negligent in its instructions on how to operate the devices.
Grasz reportedly incurred almost $30,000 in medical bills after going to the emergency room two years ago. Her lawsuit asks for a “reasonable amount” in damages, The Argus Leader reports.
“We want all of our customers to have a pleasant shopping experience in our stores,” Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove told Yahoo Lifestyle. “We regret that Ms. Grasz was injured. However, we do not feel that we did anything wrong. We believe the actions of the customer who was operating the motorized cart and hit Ms. Grasz were the sole cause of her injuries. We intend to defend the company against this litigation.”
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  1. So, what religion does this woman profess and, does she own any stock in Target or Costco?

  2. Ban ALL motorized cripple carts in ANY STORE!!! They are very hazardous and cause many unnecessary injuries....

  3. The last name is French....so you're on your own on what religion she is.

  4. Could be, but then what Lawyer would take such a case as that understanding the store has millions to pay their Lawyers?
    You are making deductions just like I made some deductions; like, the woman who sued McDonald's for hot coffee spilling on her, her and her Lawyer got millions, how many of us reading this would get such treatment if we tried to do the same thing?
    None, of us would, the Lawyer/Rabbi would say: you have no case, and later, tell his Lawyer/Rabbi friends at synagogue how he or she persuaded the Goy to drop all charges. Belly laughs all around, so put some ice on it.
    She, if she was hurt so bad, would not have to worry about medical bills if she is poor and if, this nation, were a SOCIALIST NATION, with a caring Leadership. But oh no, NO SOCIALISM, we need all extra the money, not absorbed by the Rothschild's and their Federal Reserve Interest payment, no matter if the interest is minuscule today, the bill from the past is ever expanding, will keep us in toll, forever.
    No socialism because, all the extra money, we need to go to the Military and the Politicians, the Judges, NASA, you know, to protect us from them awful Terrorist, like the ones that turned the World Trade Center to dust, oh my. Them Terrorist and them there Aliens, from outer space!?
    Hey, I hope I am wrong, but I don't think so.

  5. Or is she simply pissed off about being seriously injured because Walmart supplies carts to any idiotic fatass that doesn't feel like walking. And doesn't want to be stuck with the bills that might make an old lady on a fixed income homeless

  6. I am, it seems, always on my own.
    I am wondering, do the French people serve only one religion, or no religion, no Christians, Muslims or Jews, just the French, I suppose?
    Really, am I the only one who has a little bit of knowledge about Lawyers, what 'cases' they will take and what cases they won't touch with a ten foot pole.
    Walmart, can pay any Lawyer a lot more than any person not a chosen one, pay the Judge too, a lot more than any Jury would ever allow a person not a chosen one, for just getting hurt.
    There are exceptions and for these I do ask, what religion was the plaintiff?

  7. Wow the usual nonsensical tangent from someone pushing socialism.
    First off Government corruption is not solved by letting the government control absolutely everything. Second almost any lawyer would take this case as it's a slam dunk. I think the precedent is the guy who got shot vs idiot that gave monkey a gun case.
    Let's just stick with no socialism because everytime it was instituted millions were killed starved and put in work camps and look to other solutions that haven't led to biblical style suffering before like maybe the actual constitutional Republic that made this place prosper exponentially before being corrupted

  8. You, really have no idea what you are talking about.
    Socialism cannot work when the rich man, the "Capitalist," sends in his armies to destroy it and its hope.
    No socialist nation has ever committed war against any other nation except the Banker King and his Capitalist, Chosen, people, instigated it and in the end devoured the pure of heart.
    To resist the fact that the banker King denies us socialism is just not smart. And he does so so himself and his gang of thieves and murderers, perverts and rapist, etc., can have a free hand to do with humanity and all the living Earth whatever he wants to do to them and it.
    To say this case, we are debating, is a shoe in is ridiculous. Not unless it is a set up is it a shoe in and that is my point, is it a set up for a particular person or group?
    Know this, if this case even makes it to court it is because Walmart is a Goyim enterprise, because some chosen Lawyer stands to make millions or because, the deal is already a done deal, the wrong people getting the rewards, this lady if she is not chosen, getting the shaft and that, old buddy, is just how this criminal system that steps on us everyday, works.

  9. Hahahaha good God you are retarded. Germany was a socialist country and so was the Soviet union they sure as hell declared war on a lot of people. The main victims of socialist governments are usually their own people. The guy that prints my shirts is a capitalist. I guess you can't be expected to know history when you don't even know what capitalist means.
    This case is a slam dunk because they handed the moron the scooter
    Your life doesn't suck because the government doesn't control every aspect of your life.

  10. Mrs. Liebeck offered to settle the case for $20,000 to cover her medical expenses and lost income. But McDonald’s never offered more than $800, so the case went to trial. The jury found Mrs. Liebeck to be partially at fault for her injuries, reducing the compensation for her injuries accordingly. But the jury’s punitive damages award made headlines — upset by McDonald’s unwillingness to correct a policy despite hundreds of people suffering injuries, they awarded Liebeck the equivalent of two days’ worth of revenue from coffee sales for the restaurant chain. That wasn’t, however, the end of it. The original punitive damage award was ultimately reduced by more than 80 percent by the judge. And, to avoid what likely would have been years of appeals, Mrs. Liebeck and McDonald’s later reached a confidential settlemen

  11. You're not on your own son there are plenty of very ignorant people that think they know everything. That they can't use this knowledge to better their lot in life never seems to chink that fallacy though

  12. Hahahahahahahahaha a jury of goyim decided that.
    Your idiocy is amusing though. I guess the super Jew keeping you down is a better alternative to just admitting you're too stupid to succeed in any part of life. Now if only we got some jews to run every aspect of your life in a socialist clamp down everything will be swell.
    Holee chit

  13. Liebeck, hmm, you know the name, you know a lot about the case, 20 grand for hospital and lost wages!? A burn on her tummy? Did you folks discuss the case at Synagogue and laugh a bit? Has this anything to do with this case, this Walmart case, once a stupid Goyim, always a stupid Goyim? Get one of them there chosen lawyers and a chosen judge and heck, it is a shoe-in, right.

  14. Ignorant, as in? All us ignorant citizens, I bet we all have one thing in common? We kind of irritate the filthy rich and their paid for, thinking they are hot shet, little elves, doing the dirty work of seeing to it wars go on and innocent people are murdered.
    Saying this lady is French is sort of like saying the people on the Internet who fight the truth are Jews, sort of lumps humanity all together, that was my point and this.
    Unless this lady is a Sabbath Goy, a Crypto Jew, a Jew, a Druze, a something or the other that Jews like, she is not ever going to get into a courtroom, under that gold fringed flag, with tales about shopping carts injuring her and so she must have 30 thousand for the hospital bill. I am sure, she, will be required to show proof, well maybe, depends on what kind of French she is, a regular Goy French or a special Jew French.
    What, 85 years old, she doesn’t have Insurance to cover the Hospital, her lost time, so what is the deal here, really? She doesn’t have “survivor benefits” coming in from Germany? She doesn’t have any young relation to do the shopping for her (but, she has a Lawyer) or she is so old and clumsy she failed to get out of the way. I guess, all of us old people can sue Walmart if we stump our toe, right?
    That’s another thing the influence of the Jews has really fouled up, the Law. The Law that always favors the interest of the Jews, like laws that insist little Goyim children are taught sodomy and masturbation in the Government Public Schools. And, Abortion!
    Her Lawyer, if he is a Jew, which he probably is, the Judge if he is a Jew and he probably will be, well, they can make night into day, a bruise into a lost limp or brain damage, so who knows, right?
    No matter a Queen's Lawyer will get his cut Jew or not, a lot more if he/she is a Jew, nevertheless, like the person said: Walmart, get rid of the motorized carts...
    Oh yeah, did you address me as "son" in what way am I your son or even a son? My parents are all dead, unless you are a very, very old, man or women you are not qualified to address me as son? I am, most certainly, an Elder. Well, I do get a free drink at Taco Bell, does that count?
    Tired of sugar coating the Jew thing, it is real, it is killing us, it must be addressed. And yes, it has to do with everything in our lives, from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the place we live, everything. Us citizens, we are living in a Jews world, we are the slaves of Jews, mistreated, poisoned and soon to be, dead.

  15. "Hahahahahahahahaha a jury of goyim decided that."
    The way you say Goyim, in small letters, like the Emperor has no clothes.
    The Jury did not award her anything, back room dealing got her and her Lawyer a bundle, The Jury said she was "partially at fault for her injuries" that would if it was one of us Goyim been enough to end it right there. McDonald's coffee is still very hot and two days sales of McDonald's coffee, what'd that amount to ten million or so? You left out the kind of human this Liebeck woman is, though you know the jury was all Goyim, right? McDonald's attorneys fees probably more than a couple million, enough money to shop around and buy a Judge, so that is what happened, Confidential settlement, the Lawyer got 80 percent, the plaintiff got 20 percent, everyone made happy, case closed, until the next opportunity comes along.
    For any of you here to insist there is not a difference made in personage and that it matters a whole lot; white people are told daily about white privilege, which is real to a certain extent, but, oh no nothing about Jew privilege which is much more than white privilege has been much more than white privilege can ever be.
    Professors in the Jew run (ruined) Universities insisting the world just has to get rid of white people and anyone who doesn't agree is a racist and needs to be dead, but, someone on the other side of nowhere says the Jews are not honest and the whole world is drug through accusations of world wide Antisemitism, and Jews, are not even Semites.
    Citizens living in Socialist nations pay all the cost, their taxes sometimes as high as ninety percent, but they are not running all over the world doing some Jew hater's bidding, killing innocent people, feeding the Jews weapon manufacturing industry like it is all that matters, engaged in wars with everyone around them. So they can afford Socialism and their nations are the top of the pile of nations in all the world. Smarter, Stronger, healthier, they live better, they eat better, they live longer, they have hope and they plan for a future. Get a clue: Holee chit!
    So now the Jews are having the victims of Jew wars invade these socialist nations, to bring them down, to destroy their nations, to kill off their people. But, maybe, them and theirs will be the ones destroyed.

  16. Gd damn, you are a Government School Educated silly person or you are a paid for Jew. Sabbath Goy, Crypto Jew, Israeli Druze?
    The Soviet Union was not the Soviet Union until a bunch of New York, Ashkenazi Jews, paid for by the Soros of that time, Armand Hammer, went to Russia, staged a coup and murdered the Tsar and his whole beautiful family, right down to the roots, just as Nathan Rothschild had promised would happen when the Tsar's family crossed the Rothschild Jews plan for a league of nations...today's incredibly, dictatorial and criminal, European Union.
    Germany, was a nationalistic socialist nation of Germen people, Judea, (Jews), declared war on Germany, this month, 1933. Churchill, working for the City of London (the Bank of England) Jew, Rothschild, went along with it, Roosevelt, working with the Jews running Rothschild's Federal Reserve and the District of Columbia, went along with it, because the "American" citizens had their fill of wars and brutal murder of their own kin they refused to go along with it, another war in Europe was a no go, the Japanese, got tricked into doing something terribly foolish and so it was, hundreds of millions of innocent humans were murdered like at Dresden and Hiroshima.
    In the USSR and Germany, in the United States Company, 1871, a Rothschild Corporation, aka The District of Columbia, for years after Rothschild’s World War Two, Germans and Russians were still being murdered by the “Allies,” Stalin, Eisenhower, Churchill, etc., as demanded by the Jews running the “victory” slaughter, still persecuted, robbed, even today.
    Of course, none of this could happen, none of it could have happened, if the Rothschild’s, through the Federal Reserve and their Jew Agents, all over the nations where white people are the majority, did not own the criminal Leadership and the criminal Systems of Education and Law. Criminal systems, which educated us and decided for us by law that we would be fools for the Jews, the Jews Gods and lovers of the Jews wars. Lovers of the blood sacrifices, required by the Gods of Jews, required of all humanity, not Jews.
    Just to save us time don't even try the "Holocaust" gimmick, no blue stains on the walls means no holocaust, no gassed to death bodies, no holocaust, no mass graves, no smoke from the chimney, no holes in the roof, no, no, no, lies, lies, lies, proven lies, all the survivors, paid for/off Jews, who along with their families are living very well off the money they have stolen from the German and Russian people.
    Of course, I, am always looking for an opportunity to tear the Jews Holocaust ie murderous to us, not Jews, plot, apart, so, who knows, I might take the time to do it, ie, tear the Jews Holocaust Lie apart, all over again.
    Anyway you would have to decide which of the several Jew Holocausts you want to discuss, maybe the Roman one, where the Romans holocaust'ed a billion Jews to death? I, cannot imagine that "survivor benefits" bill, can you? I cannot imagine there was a such a thing as a Jew then, during the time of the Roman Empire, but, that's another story, Francis Bacon, left out
    To deny, there is a double, triple, system of justice, in this District of Columbia, 1871, nightmare, for the poor, is to prove the person insisting such a thing is in on it and for personal reason loves it.

  17. Hahahahahahahahaha good God you're fucking retarded.
    Gee the Bolsheviks were jews wow that's amazing insight the rest of the world will throw parades for you for flushing that out for us.
    Yet here you are with the jews suck and they only way out is that Jewish guys idea for a perfect society that they used in Russia and turned out to be more bullshit and reppressed and killed more people than even religon has.
    All which has no bearing on this lady (probably on Medicare you retard) having no problem suing the Presbyterian family run store. But great rant dude have fun with your horrid horrid life. Did a Jew fuck your girlfriend?
    Or you just need some all encompassing super boogeyman to to explain your life without taking account for your own idiotic self destructive cognitive difficulties


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