Teacher's powerful slavery lesson for Black History Month goes viral

A sixth-grade teacher took Black History Month to the next level with a door-size letter to her students about slavery.
Math teacher Jovan Bradshaw of Magnolia Middle School in Moss Point, Miss., covered her classroom door with bright yellow paper and a message (which she attributed to poet and author the Rev. Nadine Drayton-Keen): “Dear Students, they didn’t steal slaves. They stole scientists, doctors, architects, teachers, entrepreneurs, astronomers, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, etc., and made them slaves. Sincerely, your ancestors.”
The teacher’s Facebook photo went viral, with 14K reactions and 103K shares. “Stay dropping knowledge,” she wrote. 

“It all started with this little boy in my class,” Bradshaw told WLOX. “We were talking and he said, ‘Slaves didn’t do much because they couldn’t read or write.’ He kinda caught me off guard. I said, ‘Baby, if I snatched you up and dropped you off in China or Germany or Africa even, you wouldn’t be able to read and write their language either. Does that make you useless or any less educated?’”
Bradshaw, 40, also told WLOX, “So many of our African-American students don’t know where they come from. All they are taught is slavery, the servitude side only. They need to know that we were great long before slavery. We built a country with our blood, sweat and tears, and the strength of our ancestors is why they can be great today. You have to see people who look like you contributing to society, and the African contribution is left out at school. I teach math, but I’m woke and I plan on waking up every student that comes through the halls of MMS.”
The teacher of nine years tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she planned to cover her door with a picture of a black woman with natural hair, until the conversation with her student. “His comment broke my heart, and I had to do something more,” she says. “It was like a lightbulb going off for him. He understood.”
As a math teacher, Bradshaw tries to make history relevant. “I sneak it in whenever I can,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I teach the whole person, not just one subject.”
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  1. Yeah sure ..............
    What kind of life did the African live in his native land, before he was brought to America and introduced to Western civilization? That slavery was widely practiced in Africa before the coming of the white man is beyond dispute. But what sort of indigenous civilization did the African enjoy?
    In A Slaver’s Log Book, which chronicles the author’s experiences in Africa during the 1820s and 1830s, Captain Theophilus Conneau (or Canot) describes a tribal victory celebration in a town he visited after an attack by a neighboring tribe:
    On invading the town, some of the warriors had found in the Chief’s house several jars of rum, and now the bottle went round with astonishing rapidity. The ferocious and savage dance was then suggested. The war bells and horns had sounded the arrival of the female warriors, who on the storming of a town generally make their entry in time to participate in the division of the human flesh; and as the dead and wounded were ready for the knife, in they came like furies and in the obscene perfect state of nakedness, performed the victorious dance which for its cruelties and barbarities has no parallel.
    Some twenty-five in number made their appearance with their faces and naked bodies besmeared with chalk and red paint. Each one bore a trophy of their cannibal nature. The matron or leader … bore an infant babe newly torn from its mother’s womb and which she tossed high in the air, receiving it on the point of her knife. Other Medeas followed, all bearing some mutilated member of the human frame.
    Rum, powder, and blood, a mixture drunk with avidity by these Bacchantes, had rendered them drunk, and the brutal dance had intoxicated them to madness. Each was armed also with some tormenting instrument, and not content with the butchering outside of the town of the fugitive women, they now surrounded the pile of the wounded prisoners, long kept in suspense for the coup de grâce. A ring was formed by the two-legged tigresses, and accompanied by hideous yells and encouraging cry of the men, the round dance began. The velocity of the whirling soon broke the hideous circle, when each one fell on his victims and the massacre began. Men and women fell to dispatching the groaning wounded with the most disgusting cruelties.
    I have seen the tiger pounce on the inoffensive gazelle and in its natural propensity of love of blood, strangle its victim, satiate its thirst, and often abandon the dead animal. But not so with these female cannibals. The living and dying had to endure a tormenting and barbarous mutilation, the women showing more cannibal nature in the dissection of the dead than the stronger sex. The coup de grâce was given by the men, but in one instance the victim survived a few minutes when one of those female furies tormented the agony of the dying man by prostrating herself on his body and there acting the beast of double backs.
    The matron, commander of these anthrophagies, with her fifty years and corpulous body, led the cruelties on by her example. The unborn babe had been put aside for a bonne bouche, and now adorned with a string of men’s genital parts, she was collecting into a gourd the brains of the decapitated bodies. While the disgusting operating went on, the men carved the solid flesh from the limbs of the dead, throwing the entrails aside.
    About noon the butchering was at an end, and a general barbecuing took place. The smell of human flesh, so disgusting to civilized man, was to them the pleasing odor so peculiarly agreeable to a gastronomer …
    The barbecuing over, an anthrophagous repast took place, when the superabundant preserved flesh was packed up in plantain leaves to be sent into the Interior for the warriors’ friends. I am silent on the further cruelties that were practiced this day on the unfortunate infirm and wounded that the different scouting parties brought in during the day, supposing the reader to be sick enough at heart at the above representation.

  2. No Blacks should wear cotton .... talk about a reminder of slavery ....
    Obama plays the slave card?! ..... Obama's ancestors SOLD their Black "brothers" into slavery ..... after all since HIS black ancestors were never slaves they were capturing and selling his "brothers" .......... Any complaints about slavery should be directed to your "brothers" (OBAMA'S ANCESTORS) back in Africa who dragged you out of the bush and SOLD YOU to the Jewish financed YANKEE Slavers. NOT to the 99% of Whites who had nothing to do with it. Even at the peak of American slavery, only a tiny percentage of American whites–about 1.5%–owned slaves.
    Reparations? Get them from your BROTHERS back in Africa who captured you and sold you to the Jewish slave traders........ Like the OBAMAS

  3. With all due respect, that is certainly just plain incorrect. If one takes the time to research where the vast bulk of slaves came from you would find that there were no educational facilities turning out scientists, doctors, architects and astronomers in west Africa, especially Nigeria/Biafra area where the bulk of the slaves originated in the 1700's.
    These slaves were mothers and fathers and likely skilled farmers, many being captured in wars in the mid plains areas. There may have been a few skilled in rudimentary doctoring skills as well. But seriously, it doesn't serve anyone to make up stories about who these people were. The facts are easily researched and it's a horrible crime against the people involved regardless of their educational levels.

  4. Sounds like the Good Captain left out very little in his narrative....... the blacks would just kidnap other blacks from neighboring tribes and either sell them to the jew slavers or just eat them...... either way they would be better off dead....

  5. Ovomit needs to pick a few hundred bales of cotton.....he and his husband Moochie would probably be good at it.....with their long arms and long legs so they wouldn't bruise the cotton plant.....

  6. The teacher is obviously geared to have the kids shame all white people and forget just WHO bought the slaves in Africa in the first place....the jews....and the jews transported the slaves to America and the Caribbean in jew owned slave ships. She just tried to warp the little kid's minds into thinking that had the black people stayed in Africa they would have amounted to something. Such blatant misrepresentation of history should be outlawed in public school. Most teachers are just pushing the jew diversity faggot agenda their school board bought into....along with the Core Math...and the rewritten history of WWII and praising Stalin and Churchill....two prolific butchers of the war....and the false holocaust of the jews....

  7. "You have to see people who look like you contributing to society,"
    Makes sense, from a psychological standpoint.
    " and the African contribution is left out at school."
    Maybe true. I don't know what goes on in US schools.
    "So many of our African-American students don’t know where they come from."
    They come from the USA.
    "They need to know that we were great long before slavery."
    Who was great?
    Forget about the ancestor worship. Concentrate on the future.


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