Here’s Why America Buys Into Hate Hoaxes

On Monday's episode of "The Michael Knowles Show," host Michael Knowles examines how quickly the story of Jussie Smollett spread and how many in the public were willing to take his allegations of an attack at face value. Knowles explains why the Left promotes this kind of victimhood and how it impacts conservatives. Transcript and video below.

What Jussie Smollett did was commit a real hate crime against white people, and against straight people and against conservatives and Trump supporters. He committed a crime against us. He smeared us, he spread calumny, he defamed us. He filed a false police report it seems like. Those are real crimes. This is not a victimless crime. He did something very wrong. He could go to jail for this by the way. As he should if he is guilty. The networks spent, according to Newsbusters, 101 minutes breathlessly covering this story before it fell apart.
We buy this, and by "we" I don't mean "we": I mean the Left and half of America and the mainstream media and presidential candidates and Nancy Pelosi. We buy this because we buy the cultural narrative that marginalized people are hopelessly oppressed in this country, that it's a horrific country that is always trying to kill them. Not just oppress them, but kill them!

There was a headline in the Washington Post that read "I doubted Jussie Smollett, it breaks my heart that I might be right." It breaks your heart that half the country isn't anti-black white racists who are trying to maim and kill people?! That breaks your heart?! It does break her heart! She wishes that were the case. Because then her narrative would be true. Then her wholly beautiful narrative that America is hopelessly racist and vicious and bigoted and white people are the devil and Trump supporters are the devil... That would now be true. She wishes that were the case. Unfortunately for her, America is a pretty good country. And marginalized communities are not really oppressed. She's so sad about that. She said, "I wanted to believe Smollett. I really did. I know there is a deep dark racist history in Chicago. And if proved true this would have been one more point on the list. I wanted to believe him with every fiber of my being."

When was the last time a Republican ran the city of Chicago? I mean there are a lot of terrible problems in Chicago. A lot of guns, a lot of terrible violence, a lot of terrible governance in Chicago. All true. Not caused by Trump supporters. Not caused by white straight males, big daddy patriarch. That’s a good thing. To perverted people like this Washington Post editorial assistant, that's a bad thing! But to normal right-thinking people, that's a good thing.
So why did Jussie Smollett do it, if he did? In part, there is a selfish reason, in part, there's a cultural reason. One, what is being reported now is that he was going to be written off the show, "Empire." He didn't want to be written off "Empire." So he decided to try to get some headlines to make it such that he couldn't get written off. How did he know that this would work though? If that's true or not I don't really care, selfish reasons or whatever. He knew that would work because our culture rewards victimhood. Victimhood carries special currency. If you can pretend to be a victim, that will help you socially.
We talk about white privilege, we talk about straight privilege, we talk about male privilege. In our culture today, those are not privileges, those are just advantages. And actually, the privileges are to be the opposite. The privileges are to be marginalized. If you are a racial minority, if you're a woman, if you are gay, if you are confused about your sex. Those are the advantages, those are the privileges. In the hate hoax culture, privilege is the opposite of privilege. They say this all the time, they say "even if this event wasn't true, it gets to a greater truth." Not it doesn't. This is like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying, "well something might not be factually true but its morally right."
No, it's not. In order to be morally right, you have to be factually right. You can't have a fantasy be reality. You can't contradict reality and say that that is reality. That is what the Left wants us to do. But that isn't the case. So what they do is try to make the events fit the narrative. They stage these hoaxes to show people the "deeper truth." There’s no deeper truth, it's a lie.
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  1. just because the media says shit doesn't mean that americans buy into it.

  2. Leftist/Hivists are unhinged. They live in an alternate reality based on pre-conceived ideas that are based on shear hatred and venomous vitriol. This was demonstrated during the Elections and after, how immature and unreasonable thes critters are. Like brats that throw their toys around if they don't get their own way.

    What kind of Political Party can exist on negative emotions and diatribes while expousing "love". It's more like Narcisstic self-love. I bet these people have phones full of selfies. They like to emote and make complete fools of themselves, shamelessly ranting, shrieking and sputtering spit all over their web cams, crying crocodile tears and expressing outrage around all the wrong issues, thinking the World is going to be amazed at their high moral ground, even though they've never lived or even walked around a Ghetto or visited an Indian Reserve.

    The Blacks, Latinos and First Nations People find these shallow idiots quite useful, seeing as most of them are Neurotic, depressed, probably loaded with Big Pharma Drugs Middle Class White People. I bet when those morons aren't around, the 'Minorities' laugh their asses off at the antics of these clowns, never mind the way they dress.

    I am ashamed of these People. A very bad example of White People who have poured so much into building these, yes, conquered, lands and creating some of the greatest technological achievements and infrastructures that the World has ever seen.

    Nothing is always perfect, that is why we should always question and try to better ourselves and our Societies, but these people are ridiculous. The stupidest of all the Races are coming to the forefront, thanks to the Media that chooses to promote the worst in our Society.

    As for Europeans conquering the Americas: Yes much wrong has been done in the past, but the Indigenous Peoples would eventually have had to deal with the Chinese Empires instead, if China hadn't become Xenophobic. China was almost set to do exactly what the Europeans did. I don't think the Americas would have fared any better under Chinese Dynasty rule.

    Ah, forget it. Most People couldn't give two s**ts about History.

  3. Much of the left are uneducated worthless bums and need these types of hoaxes to make their perverted vision of reality come to life.


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