Woman Sets Punk Radio Host Straight After He Appears to Threaten People in MAGA Hats

If a leftist ever scoffs in your face about “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” look no further than the last week or so as evidence for it.
Everyone is already aware of the despicable smear campaign that the leftist media had launched on Catholic high school students in Wasington for the annual March for Live allegedly intimidating and harassing a Native American activist.
At this point, that entire fiasco has virtually been debunked. It doesn’t make it any less disgusting, but at least the truth is out there.
But in the face of facts and video with context, the left is refusing to back down from the essence of the story. Namely, they assert that Trump supporters are all still racists and awful people.
Why? I certainly can’t explain it. If you listen to the left, Trump supporters are abjectly awful because of… their hats? 
In lieu of anything concrete, the left seems to have zeroed in on the fact that those aforementioned teenagers wore “Make America Great Again” hats. Since video evidence proves that they didn’t actually terrorize any Native American activists, their choice in headwear seems to be their most egregious sin.
It’s bad enough that a Democratic Kentucky congressman called for a “shutdown” of teenagers wearing the hats. He claimed it was a joke, but it seems far more like a Freudian slip attacking First Amendment rights.
It’s bad enough that smug Hollywood leftists are equating MAGA hats to KKK hoods. Never mind if you’re a black or minority conservative, according to some, wearing MAGA gear makes you a card-carrying Klansmen.
And it’s apparently gotten bad enough where radio hosts will randomly issue veiled threats to anyone and everyone who would dare to wear a MAGA hat.
You show up anywhere is a MAGA hat you know what you are doing.... you want it, you got it.
“You show up anywhere is a MAGA hat you know what you are doing…. you want it, you got it,” Ebro Darden, the radio host for the New York City-based “Ebro in the Morning” show, tweeted out.
Knowing what they’re doing? I’m presuming it’s to show political support for their president. You want it, you got it? That sounds like a threat to me.
Fortunately, not everyone took the message and accepted. Twitter user Charisse Lane responded with a defiant image.

But more important than any single picture of a black woman wearing a MAGA hat is what the image represents. A legitimate and bona fide movement of minorities who are sick of the identity politics of the left and are branching out to come to their own conclusions.
The “Blexit” movement is real and the idiotic rhetoric of people like Darden are only hastening its rise to prominence.
This obviously is not to suggest that racism doesn’t exist in 2019. But few things are as racist as lumping people’s individual ideologies and personalities into a homogeneous blob simply because they have same skin color (read: identity politics.)
And you know what? That’s a great thing. Few things in this world are as destructive and divisive as identity politics and it truly needs to stop.
Individualism and free thought are two hallmarks of what made America so great. Identity politics are the direct antithesis of both.
There’s a lot wrong with the far left and identity politics might be the very worst of it.

Fortunately, there is clearly a growing movement to counter it and I can’t wait to see it flourish.
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