Teen Faces Murder Charges After Sick ‘Prank’ with Eggs Ends in Woman’s Death

It may have seemed like a prank, but the potential for danger was clear as a group of teenagers threw eggs at moving cars and ran a red light during a car chase. And now an innocent woman has died because of their misguided idea about how to have fun.
On the evening of New Year’s Day, Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shared the tragic tale on Twitter as details were uncovered. The story and images are horrifying.
Aldine Mail Route fatal crash: an suv, driven by a 14 year old ran a red light at high-rate of speed striking another truck. A female, in her 30’s, pronounced dead.
About an hour later, Gonzalez added a few more details about the accident. As bad as the story looked when he started sharing it, the new details added a new level of wrong to the event.
Aldine Mail Route fatal crash: the 14-year-old & his two teen passengers were reportedly throwing eggs at other cars just prior to the crash. A separate car gave chase at a high rate of speed & the teen ran the Ted light striking other truck.
Moments later, the sheriff shared an image of the wrecked vehicle. He also wrote that the victim apparently had only been out on a harmless errand when her life was ended.
Aldine Mail Route fatal: the initial car that gave chase described as older model gold/yellow Lincoln, w white top & elbow rims. The deceased female was totally innocent; seems she had just gone shopping based on some debris strewn at scene.
Early the next morning, Gonzalez provided another update to the story. The teen driver is now facing some serious consequences due to his poor choices in how to have fun.
Update on Aldine Mail Rt. Fatality: the 14 yo driver has been charged w murder & booked in the county juvenile detention center. He sustained a broken ankle in the crash. The driver of the vehicle that was chasing him has been identified & efforts are being made to interview him.
When the sheriff gave another update to the case, he identified the innocent victim of the crash.
Update on Aldine Mail Rt. Fatality: the deceased female has been identified as Silvia Zavala, Hispanic female, 45 years of age, dob: 6-9-73. Our condolences to the family.
Some may ask why a 14-year-old was driving. Others may ask where his parents were.
Throwing eggs at cars driving on the road is dangerous for all involved. Like cases in which rocks were thrown off overpasses at cars, such things can lead to accidents and deaths.
Those engaged in such activities can be and are charged with murder. To some, such a charge and the resulting penalties are justice.

Once the other driver is interviewed, more details may come to light. For now, a 14-year-old is charged with murder and may face a long jail sentence or worse, all because he made a series of very bad choices in search of a good time.
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