BYU Caves, Apologizes to Fascist SJWs After 2 Students Dress Up as Tacos

Brigham Young University has apologized for and taken down an Instagram post that showed two students dressed up in taco costumes and sombreros to promote “Taco Tuesday.”
According to Campus Reform, the school faced complaints over “cultural appropriation” after the image was sent out.
The post had originally been made by the Melvin J. Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance at BYU, which was trying to promote a free taco event.
It depicted two young men with sombreros, taco outfits and the flags of Argentina, Bolivia and the United States.
After a spate of negative comments, the Ballard Center deleted the post and then issued an apology. 

“Earlier today, the Ballard Center shared a social media post that was insensitive,” the Instagram post read.
“We are very sorry and regret creating the post. Thank you to all who have taken the time to reach out. Your comments highlight the compassion you have for others. We appreciate your insights, feedback, and the learning opportunity.”
According to Campus Reform, one negative commenter stated, “I hope Ballard Center and BYU will examine their actions and issue an apology for being culturally insensitive.”
Others pointed out that, geographically speaking, the presentation didn’t quite get the home of the taco right.
oh absolutely not, @BallardCenter. They don’t eat tacos in Argentina or Bolivia. Hispanic/Latino cultures aren’t interchangeable. Y’all should know better than to be this insensitive and dumb.
However, amid all of this, some said the kerfuffle was uncalled for.
One student interviewed by Campus Reform, who requested anonymity, said students ought to take their namesake’s beliefs to heart. 
“In the words of Brigham Young, the person from which our beloved university gets (its name), ‘He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool,’” they said.
But that’s where we live, in a sphere where most offense of a politically incorrect nature is unintentional and must be more severely corrected — if just because unintentional offense is a sign of arrant privilege.
But even though liberals don’t like the admit it, the desire to control the thoughts and behavior of every member of a community is a sure sign of fascism.
And if a generally conservative bastion like BYU is caving to this kind of nonsense, it’s not a good sign for anybody.
In the liberal mind, it will be only after the fascist social justice warriors and cultural scolds have taken over that we will truly have achieved, well … something.
Whatever the aim, we can take comfort in the fact that organizers of “Taco Tuesday” will no longer wear taco outfits or sombreros, or sport flags that incorrectly identify the provenance of the taco.

Provo, Utah, has been made just a little more safe from appropriation.
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