One Thing About ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Most Miss

How well do you really know “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?
Is it possible that after all these years, you missed something extremely important?
A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in 1965. It’s a staple of the Christmas season many of us grew up with. After so many decades, we may think we know it backwards and forwards.
Surprisingly, though, it’s only recently that people began to notice something about A Charlie Brown Christmas that was seemingly kept secret for years.
There is a secret message in what is arguably the most iconic scene in the Christmas special, hidden in plain sight.
Throughout the episode, Charlie Brown is disillusioned by the commercialization of Christmas and the constant complaining of his peers. He thinks he can make things right again with a Christmas tree, but he’s scorned by his friends for ruining the upcoming Christmas play with a little sapling instead of “a great big shiny aluminum Christmas tree.”
Charlie Brown can’t take it anymore.
“Everything I do turns into a disaster,” he says before loudly pleading, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”
Linus, who sucks his thumb and is inseparable from his security blanket, speaks up.

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