Millennials Want To Give The Gift of Censoring Fox For Christmas

A group of progressives want to give the gift of censorship this Christmas.
The group, named Outfox The Holidays, is advising millennials to use parental controls to block Fox News from their parents televisions.
If you cannot defend your ideas censor those of others.
That is how socialists think.
“Put your parents on the right path. Not the alt-right one,” the site says.
“Parents these days. They’re at such an impressionable age,” it reads.
“Use their cable company’s Parental Controls to block content unsuitable for older audiences,” it reads.
The campaign has its own YouTube video too.
And it features Hollywood star Andy Richter, Conservative Tribune reported.
There’s so much offensiveness packed into this attention-grabbing gimmick that it’s hard to know where to begin before the red mist starts coming down. I’m going to start in an unusual place, since it’s a pet peeve of mine: the careless use of “alt-right.”
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Certain concepts and phrases have discrete meanings, and alt-right is one of them: It’s an explicitly white nationalist philosophy that generally emphasizes anti-interventionism (particularly in regard to Israel), secularism and acceptance of offensive fringe beliefs like Holocaust denial, among other charming things. Throwing around “alt-right” as a catch-all phrase for conservatives you disagree with (for the people at Outfox the Holidays) is the height of callous irresponsibility.
But then, that’s probably not the first thing you noticed. There’s the very obvious problem here: The idea that the way to deal with ideas you don’t like is to cut people off from them.
Who cares if your parents pay their own cable bill? They don’t deserve to watch Fox News because people there say scary things like “how, precisely, is diversity our strength?”
Apparently, questioning popular bromides that mean nothing but make liberals feel better is a deeply offensive thing and must be stopped at all costs.
And then there are the stereotypical parents. Yes, I know this is supposed to be hyperbole, but the secret to hyperbole is that it’s supposed to be tethered ever so loosely to reality. I can vouch for how profoundly unmoored this is from actuality because my dear mother, who believes there’s no news source on God’s green earth more objective than HuffPo (and makes no bones about telling me about it) is staying with me for an extended Christmas holiday.
A very extended Christmas holiday.
Despite this, I can’t remember her ever uttering whatever the liberal versions are of “it’s Merry Christmas. This isn’t Starbucks,” or how Trump is our “biggest-handed president,” whatever they might entail.
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  1. LOL; this may require an apartment of their own and perhaps, UGH. a job. I was a somewhat handful as a teen but never in my wildest dreams did think of telling my parents what to do.


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