Former Fox News Employee Barred From Washington, D.C. Housing Because Of Her Politics

How is this not housing discrimination?
Pardes Seleh, a former Fox News employee who was once briefly employed as a scriptwriter for Laura Ingraham, found herself in a sticky situation this week trying to find housing in Washington, D.C.
But unlike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who claimed (unrealistically) to experience a similar problem, Seleh’s problems are all too real.
A young female former Fox News employee has been shunned from two Washington group houses because of her right-leaning politics. Being a scriptwriter for Laura Ingraham — even for a brief two months — can be a turnoff.
“My second time this week being rejected from an apartment/house in D.C. because I worked at Fox,” Pardes Seleh remarked on social media.
Attached was a note from a potential landlord: “Thank you for your interest Pardes. After perusing your various journalistic and social media posts, it’s pretty clear your politics views are diametrically opposed to ours (and we hate Fox). Hopefully you will find a place that will be a good fit.”
Pardes initially took the whole thing in stride.
“At least they were honest tho,” she wrote on Twitter. …
In a follow-up email, the guy mentioned to Pardes that he has a huge ‘Fuck Trump’ banner hanging in his kitchen. It might have hard to swallow her oatmeal with a “fuck Trump” sign in her face.
“I respect people’s rights to deny service to anybody they want, but I’m also going to voice my frustration with constantly being rejected from things in D.C. because of my conservative background,” she told me. “I’m just a 25-year-old media reject trying to make it in D.C. on a writer’s savings. They both mentioned that they did not want to rent to Trump supporters or Fox News fans/affiliates.” …
She said she does not plan to pursue any legal action.
“No, I don’t plan to sue or punish anybody for not renting me their room,” she wrote. “That goes directly against my values. Nobody should be forced to provide services or open their home to people who make them feel unsafe. Please stop harassing these guys with legal threats! That’s not freedom.”
About an hour ago, the former Fox News employee appeared to find her sense of humor.
She asked Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who has claimed she can’t afford to live in Washington, to be her roomie.
“@Ocasio2018 want to be my roommate?” she asked. …
So far, there’s been no response from the New York Socialist.
Apparently, Ocasio-Cortez is willing to share everything (like your paycheck) except what might actually inconvenience her.
File this under Reason #43578 why Conservatives are more humble and sensible than Liberal Socialists.
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