EXCLUSIVE: Heartbreaking final footage of 6-year-old talking about Christmas with her friend before being gunned down by her sheriff's deputy grandfather in triple murder suicide

 Clowning around with a friend and looking forward to a visit from Santa, this is the heartbreaking final footage of the six-year-old 'angel' gunned down by her sheriff's deputy grandfather in a senseless triple murder suicide. 

Tragic Londyn Strawn filmed a series of fun videos with best friend Skyla Cooper, 11, in the run-up to a Christmas that the adorable little girl would never see. 
Londyn was the youngest of three generations of the same family wiped out early Wednesday by crazed Terry Strawn, 58 - a former sheriff's deputy of the year.
The veteran cop began his killing spree by opening fire on his granddaughter and wife Theresa, 54, inside his marital home in Valrico, Florida, just east of Tampa. 
He then drove 15 minutes to the home of his 32-year-old daughter Courtney, Londyn's mom, where he marched up to her door carrying his service revolver in his left hand. 
After a single gunshot rang out Strawn made his final radio call to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office at 6:42am to confess to the deadly rampage. 
Colleagues located him minutes later close to his daughter's townhouse in rural Plant City but Strawn turned his weapon on himself as three deputies tried to talk him down. 
Terry and Theresa Strawn, who had been married for more than three decades, also have a 27-year-old son named Andrew who is being comforted by family members. 
Family and friends trying to make sense of the slayings have told DailyMail.com they do not recognize the cold-blooded killer depicted in news bulletins. 
Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy Terry Strawn, 58, (right) killed his wife, Theresa, 54 (left) and his 6-year-old granddaughter Londyn (pictured) at their home, before killing his 32-year-old daughter Courtney (in green) at her home

'I don't have anything to tell you right now,' Terry Strawn's brother Perry, 57, said outside his Plant City home, his eyes brimming with tears. 
'Please pray for us.' 
A source close to Strawn's side of the family dismissed rumors that his marriage was on the rocks and that Theresa was about to file for divorce. 

'There's nothing to suggest that's true - they just celebrated their 32nd anniversary,' the source said. 
'Terry was the friendliest, the most outgoing, the brightest star of the family. He was the type of guy who took responsibility for everyone but would never want to burden other people with his problems. 
'Everyone has been trying desperately to come up with anything that could explain this but each time they come up empty. 
'Whatever it was that Terry was hiding, he took his secrets to the grave.' 
In his final heart-wrenching radio communication, Strawn referenced health and financial problems but his department has declined thus far to release further details. 
The officer, who was awarded Officer of the Year in 2009 for tackling an armed robber, signed off by saying he was ready to join his slain family members. 
Strawn had been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office since 1991, first as a jail deputy then later working road patrol. 
In 2004 he and another deputy fatally shot a domestic violence suspect when he pointed a metal and plastic tool at them and they mistook it for a gun. However both were cleared of any wrongdoing and there was no suggestion that Strawn was psychologically damaged by the episode. 
He eventually retired In 2017 and moved to Colorado, where Andrew still resides. 
However the father-of-two returned to Florida in the summer after Hillsborough County unveiled plans to station armed security guards at elementary schools in the wake of February's mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. 
Former acquaintances said Strawn was so saddened by the slaughter in Parkland, Florida that he saw it as his duty to come out of retirement to 'make a difference.' 
He rejoined the sheriff's department and was assigned the job of protecting the kids at Valrico Elementary school - the school attended by Londyn. 
'Terry was more like a surrogate father than a typical grandfather. He doted on Londyn,' said Trisha Moody McNab, 39, a friend and former neighbor. 
'The person I knew loved his granddaughter so much he could never have hurt her. That's why none of this make any sense.' 
Courtney and Londyn lived with Terry and Theresa Strawn at a $270,000 rented property in Plant City before the entire family relocated to Durango, Colorado.
Neighbors recalled how the playful lawman delighted in staging elaborate Halloween displays where he would pretend to be a corpse before rising from the dead and leaping up to scare passersby. 
Strawn, who had a sheriff's star tattooed on his upper arm and wore a sheriff's star necklace, would also let local children hop inside his police car.
'The kids loved having a sheriff living here. Everyone felt safe having him around. He was playful, fun, kind,' Moody McNab added. 
'Him and his wife were such wonderful people. They adored Londyn and Londyn adored them.' 
When the Strawns returned from Colorado, Courtney got a job at a bar and restaurant in Orlando and she and Londyn moved into their own two-bedroom condo opposite Plant City High School. 
It was there that her father was caught on a neighbors security camera at 6:32am Wednesday approaching towards her front door from a sidewalk, carrying his gun. 
Moments later the footage, now in the hands of investigators, shows Strawn stuffing the firearm into his pocket and stumbling back to car. 
Next-door neighbor Lois Williams, 60, and her fiancé Joe Joyce, 55, were woken by a massive 'boom' but they dismissed it as someone dropping a trashcan and went back to sleep. 
The full horror would emerge minutes later when Strawn crossed the street and went onto the main sheriff's radio channel to say 'he had caused harm to his family.' 
'Then he advised he was going to kill himself at Plant City High School,' Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said during a press conference Wednesday. 

'A supervisor got on the air to try to calm him down, to ensure him it's a temporary problem.' 
Strawn mentioned financial and health issues on the radio, Chronister said, but he declined to give more details. 
The three deputies who arrived quickly on the scene made every attempt to stop their colleague from killing himself but he shot himself in front of them. 
Strawn had earned glowing recommendations throughout his career and passed all the necessary psychological evaluations to re-join. 
In fact, he performed his new duties so well the department hired him again on a full-time basis. 
Strawn filed for bankruptcy in 2011 but his finances had recovered sufficiently that in June he was able to secure a $181,600 mortgage on the gated community property in Valrico where he began his shooting spree. 
In a grim twist, he was the second deputy from Hillsborough County this year to carry out a murder-suicide. 
Kirk Keithley, 39, shot himself in September after murdering his 33-year-old wife Samantha while their four children cowered in fear at their home. 
'We have to change the culture,' Chronister told the media. 'We have to make sure everyone knows that it's OK to ask for help.
'It's not a sign of weakness to say, 'Listen, I'm having a difficult time, I'm having a hard time, I need some help.'' 
Theresa Strawn's side of the family gathered in Plant City in the wake of the slayings to comfort her distraught 75-year-old mother, Alta Edgemon. 
A relation who came to the door of Edgemon's home told DailyMail.com a statement would be released to the media when the family was ready. 
Londyn's death has also had a devastating impact on Joyce, Williams and her granddaughter Skyla, who captured the last videos of Londyn as they fooled around last week in Courtney's condo. 
In a series of clips filmed on cell phone the young friends talk excitedly about Christmas and speculate how their presents will be delivered. 
And while Skyla hints that she doesn't believe in Santa, Londyn chimes in with 'I do' before addressing the camera to ask: 'How does Santa get into your house - though the chimney or door?' 
In another clip the two girls run away from Courtney's small dog. 'I literally almost broke my ankle,' Londyn giggles. 
'She was happy. She was excited about Christmas. Nothing was wrong,' Skyla said as she shared the poignant last clips with DailyMail.com. 
'She wasn't afraid of her grandfather at all. She loved him. He took her everywhere. They went to Disney. They did a bunch of fun stuff.'
Joyce said he met Terry Strawn when he was moving his daughter's belonging's into her new condo five months ago. 
'I told him I'm the unofficial security round here and I'll take good care of her,' he recalled. 
'He seemed like a nice guy who loved his family.' As the two families got to know one another, Skyla and Londyn enjoyed regular sleepovers at one another's homes.
'We came to think of Courtney and Londyn as members of the family. She was a such a sweet little girl,' said Williams. 
Joyce said he never saw any evidence Courtney had moved out of her parents' home because of a rift. 
'I've heard some talk in the past day about him getting divorced and having trouble with alimony but I can't tell you if any of that's true,' he said.
'Seems to me it's just rumors. 'And it doesn't explain why a guy takes out his entire family. Honestly, I'm mad as a motherf****r with him. 
'How could he do that to his own family. How could he harm that little angel?' 
EXCLUSIVE: Heartbreaking final footage of 6-year-old talking about Christmas with her friend before being gunned down by her sheriff's deputy grandfather in triple murder suicide EXCLUSIVE: Heartbreaking final footage of 6-year-old talking about Christmas with her friend before being gunned down by her sheriff's deputy grandfather in triple murder suicide Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 04:07 Rating: 5


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