Cristiano Ronaldo 'admitted his rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga said no multiple times and he apologised after they had sex', leaked legal documents allege as she files a new civil action against the Juventus star

Cristiano Ronaldo admitted his rape accuser said no multiple times before they had sex in a Las Vegas hotel, leaked legal documents allege. 
The papers, possessed by German magazine Der Spiegel, contain a questionnaire in which the Juventus star, 33, confessed that American Kathryn Mayorga, 35, 'said no and stop several times' when the pair had sex in the Hotel Palms Place in June 2009. 
The Portuguese footballer admitted that 'it was rough', 'she didn't want to give it to him' and that he apologised after he'd finished.  
In the document - created in September 2009 - Ronaldo is identified as X and Ms Mayorga as Ms C.   
The lawyer asked the footballer: 'What was said by you and what was said by Ms. C? (This is particularly important if anything was said about having sex or anything like that)' 
Ronaldo is said to have replied: 'She said it was not proper to have sex, since they just met ('Better not. It's the first time.') But even so, she grabbed my d***.'  
The footballer was then asked to describe in detail what happened, 'starting with the first physical contact'.  
Ronaldo, who's worth £350 million, reportedly explained: 'I f***** her from the side. She made herself available. She was lying on her side, in bed, and I entered her from behind. It was rough. We didn't change position. Five/seven minutes. 
'She said that she didn't want to, but she made herself available. The whole time it was rough, I turned her onto her side, and it was fast. Maybe she got some bruises when I grabbed her. 
'She didn't want to give it to me, instead she jerked me off. I don't know any more exactly what she said when she was jerking me off. But she kept saying "No. Don't do it, I'm not like the others." I apologized afterwards.' 
The player's lawyer asked if Ms Mayorga ever raise her voice, screamed, or yelled while they had sex.
According to the documents, Ronaldo confessed: 'She said no and stop several times.' 
Part of the transcript was written both in third and first person, which perhaps suggests one of Ronaldo's lawyers wrote down some of the answers for him:
One part read: 'They didn't use a condom. They didn't talk about condoms. He didn't come inside of her. He pulled his d*** out before. I came on her and on the blanket. There was no lubricant. I used saliva. He doesn't know if she had an orgasm.'  
The final question was if Mayorga said anything after they'd finished - to which Ronaldo explained she was upset.
The documents show that he said: '[She said] "You asshole, you forced me. You idiot. I'm not like the others." I said, 'I'm sorry.'
The conversation between Ronaldo and his lawyer took place in August 2009, but the answers seem to have been modified between then and December 2009.
An alternative version of the document, supplied by Ronaldo's lawyers on December 24, 2009, had very different answers to the September paper.
In the December version, Ronaldo's answer to 'what happened that night' was simply that she 'grabbed his d***.'  
In the December document, the player was again asked: 'Describe in detail what happened starting with the first physical contact that you had with Ms. C in the other room and describe the sequence of events regarding any such physical contact and involving any embracing, fondling, kissing, or going from a standing position to lying on a bed, or on the floor, or wherever it took place.'
But the answer was very different from the version created just two months prior.
The new answer read: 'She was laying in the bed. I went from behind. We did not switch positions. It was five/seven minutes. It was rough. She didn't complain, she didn't scream, she didn't call for help or anything like that. We didn't use condoms. We didn't even mention it. I did not come inside. I came 'on her' (not 'in her') and in the blankets. There was no artificial lubrication. I used some saliva. Can't tell if she had or not an orgasm.'
The new answer left out parts about the roughness of the sex, the potential bruising and the fact he apologised to the American afterwards.
And in the December version, Ronaldo simply answered 'no' when asked if 'Ms Mayorga ever raised her voice, screamed or yelled? 
'No' was also the answer given when asked if she said anything after they finished having sex.  
The footballer's team of lawyers silenced Mayorga with an out-of-court settlement of $350,000 (£266,000) - but they insist the payment doesn't prove his guilt.        
The Portuguese player's new Las Vegas lawyer insisted documents about the case had been forged in a deliberate attempt to defame him.
Peter Christiansen said there was nothing suspicious about Ronaldo paying Ms Mayorga to keep quiet about what the player claims was consensual sex.
'This settlement is by no means a confession of guilt,' the lawyer said. He insisted Ronaldo had paid up to quash 'outrageous allegations' which were an attempt to 'destroy a reputation that has been built upon hard work, athleticism, and honour.' 
Mr Christiansen claims the documents Der Spiegel quoted were evidently 'stolen' by hackers and 'significant portions' of them 'were altered and/or completely fabricated.' 
Shortly after the allegations were first made public, Ronaldo dismissed the allegations as 'fake news'. He posted a picture on his social media pages of him smiling and looking relaxed, despite the allegations.
In October he said he regarded himself as a role model and knows 'I am an example'.
He said: 'I know, 100 per cent, on the pitch and outside the pitch. So I am always smiling, I am a happy man, I'm blessed that I play for a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I am healthy. I have everything.'
In October  reported Ronaldo's $1billion (£770 million) contract with Nike was in danger after the sportswear firm said they were 'deeply concerned' by the allegations.
Cristiano Ronaldo 'admitted his rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga said no multiple times and he apologised after they had sex', leaked legal documents allege as she files a new civil action against the Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo 'admitted his rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga said no multiple times and he apologised after they had sex', leaked legal documents allege as she files a new civil action against the Juventus star Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 02:50 Rating: 5

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