World’s First McDonald’s Restaurant (12 Pics)

There are huge numbers of restaurants all over the world that is continuously rising and progressing in the world of business today. One of the largest fast food chains all over the world is known to be McDonald. This particular restaurant had already served more than sixty eight million of customers each day in 119 countries. This restaurant started to operate in the year 1940 as a simple barbeque restaurant operated by brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald at the 1398 North E Street in West 14thStreet San Bernardino California. The original name of the restaurant was “McDonald’s Famous Barbeque” and has served over forty types of barbeque items.

During the month of October, 1948, after the McDonald brothers found out that most of the profits they are gaining in their business came from selling certain numbers of hamburgers, they immediately closes their successful and progressive carhop drive and establish their own streamlined system. This includes serving simple yet delicious menus such as orange juice, hamburgers and potato chips. The following year, they have already added coca-cola and French fries as part of their menus. This simplified yet delicious menus and food preparation with the use of assembly line principles allowed b McDonald brothers to sell hamburgers for fifteen cents which is about as half as sit down restaurants.
In the year 19563, McDonald started to franchise their progressive restaurant in Phoenix, Downey, Arizona and in all other parts in California which are the oldest surviving branch of the said restaurants. In 1954, Ray Kroc, which is a seller of the miltimixer machines planned to set up the McDonald restaurant all over the world. Subsequently, right after the plan, a new restaurant opened at Des Plaines in Chicago on the 15th of April 1955. On the same day McDonald already became a successful corporation. The company usually refers to this as the original McDonald as the starting mark of the phenomenal growth of the most famous fast food franchise in the history.
Both the McDonald restaurants in California, Des Plaines, San Bernardino already houses new replica museums that primarily exhibits original fry vats,  and other milkshake  multimixers which primarily sold by Kroc when he encountered the restaurants, grills and soda barrels, attended to by crews in 1950’s uniforms. Visitors can walk through the back, peek or even in other windows in front. There are also collections of photos, video and vintage ads with regards to the history of McDonald restaurant.

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