Russia In The Dark 1921-1923(37 Pics)

The pictures below were taken by Western reporters who visited Russia in 1921-1923.
Celebration of a solemn event on Red Square, Moscow, 1923.
Fight of the homeless.
A homeless girl.
Homeless kids of Kazan.
Lev Borisovich Kamenev at a meeting.
Former representatives of the upper class sell out remains of their property.

Victims of hunger in the Povolzhiye region.
M.Kalinin delivers a speech in front of the peasants.
Two hungry kids.
A group of homeless children.
Two hungry kids.
Parade of the Red Army in Moscow.

The refuges came from Samara trying to escape hunger.
Helping small kids in villages suffering from hunger.
Rendering medical assistance to victims of hunger.

Food for those suffering from hunger.
Distribution of food.
15 Catholic priests are being judged.
The kids are fed by an American Committee in Kazan.

The homeless are building wooden houses.

Selling cigarettes.
A former rich peasant is asking for help.
The people have arrived to Moscow from regions.

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