Haunting Portraits of Marines in Afghanistan

Haunting portraits show Marines before, during and after service in Afghanistan

They are the work of Dutch photographer Claire Felicie, who followed 20 marines between October 2009 and September 2010 to see if their faces were altered by their experiences. 

Struggle: Remon, aged 21, from the 1st Battalion, 13th infantry company of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, was one of the 20 soldiers Claire Felicie photographed before, during and after deployment to Afghanistan

Knowing: Nicky, 22. In each set of portraits, the men are pictured before, during and after from left to right

Unsure: Danny, 20. Felicie said the internal changes were more obvious in some of the young men

Hardened: Jasper, 21. All of the men remain in the military in the Netherlands, based in Doorn
Changed: Sjoerd, 22. Felicie said she was only aware of the changes when she compared the photographs
Thoughtful: Tuur, 24. Felicie noticed all the men were 'harsher' when she visited them in Afghanistan
Tough: Sven, 20.The men had lost two comrades just weeks before the photographer visited them abroad
Wiser: Luke, 25. Felicie thought of the project after her son's friend said he was going to Afghanistan
Different: Emiel, 26. The men were not forthcoming with speaking about their experiences in Afghanistan
Experience: Pascal, 23. During the trip to Afghanistan, Felicie only had enough time for one frame of each man
Furrowed: Jeff, 24. Felicie said she would not be closed to the opportunity of photographing them again
Stern: Arnold, 21. The 20 men served in Afghanistan, based in Uruzgan, for almost six months in 2010
Stare: Stefan, 20. There was no one way in which all the men had changed, all were different, Felicie said
Tired: Jeffrey, 23. Their Afghanistan base had no luxuries or clean facilities, Felicie said
Experiences: Koen, 24. Felicie remains in contact with the men
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