Outdoor Retaining Wall Fireplace

He’d been wanting to work on this wall for awhile. He didn’t think of taking any before pictures when he first started, but then remembered about halfway through. He started by making a base that was made out of cement and approximately 17 inches in width and 35 inches tall. The total length of the bottom level was measured out to be 21 feet in a crescent shape to fit into the hill perfectly.

He reinforced everything with cement because the wall had to be extremely strong. The hill slowly moved because it contained a lot of water, which causes the ground of his property to be extremely wet all of the time. Because of this, he had to add a drain to the wall as well.

With the project, he wanted it to obviously look nice. Nobody wants to look out at a DIY project that they’re stuck with and not be happy with it. He also wanted to make it a place where he could go out and relax by a cozy fire. Considering he only had two requirements, he seemed to be in pretty good shape.

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